Just checking in from my second home at HCA at UCH. Back in on Wednesday starting with getting a new USB inserted on Harley Street all a little déjà vu! Then straight over to the hospital to get started with my 2nd cycle of ESHAP. Spent the last week getting psyched up and feeling a lot better that when I last posted. Once again thank you everyone for the positive vibes and messages. I love you all ❤️

PICC line #2 done!

It’s Day 3 of 5 today and I’ve got my cancer buddy securely hooked up 24/7 along with a lot of other chemo infusions at the end of each day. I’m constantly checking the treatment plan so I know what’s coming next. Steroids / anti sickness/ flush more chemo and repeat daily lol. So far it seems my body is accustomed to this shit a bit more this time around as if to say I know you! Early to tell few more days to go and let’s see.

Last week was the dreaded start of hair loss and hence the time to come to terms with that. Waking up to hair all over your pillow… then showering and clumps of it in your hands. Time to use the skills taught to me by my hubby and shave this off to a number 1 until it all comes off. I know it’s temporary but it’s still one of those stigmas that’s goes hand in hand with cancer treatment. Enter the hat! Sarah said to me with her super smile you are in great company in here as everyone is the same haha. Not that you ever get to leave your room or see anyone.

Nathan showing me some wig options 😂

So since my last stay when I had the infection one thing has changed since I’ve returned. Not a major big deal but no more bottled water ! WTF ! My dinner was delivered with a silver carafe of tap water and the next morning a plastic jig of the same water. Not being a diva or anything but I feel safer drinking bottled water these days and did so even at home throughout my treatment. Kirsty sent an email to our concierge buddy at HCA and not long after that yesterday in comes Sarah with bottled water. She is a ray of sunshine in my life right now. Had I known I would have brought my own! Not that I can pop to the shops now and pick some up lol.

Last week was one of those weeks the storms we had in the UK – the wind I tell you! I have never experienced this ferocity before. I had fence panels down and garden furniture literally flying down the street. I watched the heavy tempered glass on our patio dining table lift into the air and fall onto the patio and it didn’t break like how I don’t know. Had to get the boys Denis and Jeremy over to help me with a temporary fix to the fence. Jeremy knows his shit must be boy-scout skills! All of this is so not important with what is currently going on in Ukraine 🇺🇦 I am glued to the news and it’s devastating. It actually affects my sleep. I just can’t believe what is going on and it’s makes my heart very heavy. It’s such a peaceful place and those poor people who are very European having to suffer like this at that hands of that nut job Putin! What is the world coming to. So sad.

So all being well I should be home again on Monday 28th of Feb. Staying in warrior mode for now and going to try and avoid having any more wobbles on week 2 when at home where the risk is high of going neutropenic. I really don’t fancy an extra week here. I am so fortunate that I get my mid week bloods done at home by our company’s medical logistics partner. Mobile bloods an amazing concept we offer. The lovely Leila is the one I always request as she is so bloody good at it never a bruise after she is done she has that magic touch!

Still working every day and loving my job and all our amazing clients and a big love to my work team 💖 I really feel that is important to keep the mind focused on routine. It’s just the tonic you need to ensure you don’t spend all your time feeling sorry for the situation you are in. So many others are less fortunate than me.

So what’s next? I will be doing a PET scan in 3 weeks after this cycle and I am just praying it will be great news. After this intense treatment I am not going to accept anything less. The next steps were outlined to me yesterday after a very long chat with Sarah during her visit yesterday. I won’t go into detail now as it was a little too much to absorb and there are a few options I will need to consider. I’ll keep you all posted as always as I know everyone likes to know haha!

Until next time. Much love ❤️


  1. Dearest Mark❤️, I been waiting to hear from you, so thank you for your block, I really appreciate it so much, I’m thinking about you every day!
    Some of the medical terms I’m unfamiliar with and I google as I go.
    You can become new Moira with your wigs, not sure you have watched ‘shits creek’ I find her hilarious. Love ❤️ the show.

    I been also clued into CNN here in Costa Mesa (slip port), I cannot believe in 2022 this megalomaniac of Putin can freely operate how he does. Apparently he utilities the weak and deranged US leader Biden, what baffles me is US and Europe still buy oil and gas from Putin and keep financing his war!

    For your next stage I’m praying 🙏 daily for you and thinking of you, we are not accepting anything else but great news and I’m looking forward to reading about all it in your next block!

    Until then I’m sending all my love ❤️🙏and prayers to you and Nathan and Bentley ❤️❤️❤️.

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  2. Thinking of you so much Mark. 💕 sending lots of healing your way. 💗 So sorry you are going through all of this . Love to you all. ❤️
    Melissa xxx 😘

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  3. So proud of you Mark, can’t believe how bravely and practically you face this, as you have in most things in life I think. Often thinking of you and all my family and friends often ask how you are doing. How nice to be in so many thoughts, when you haven’t even met some of them! Lots of love and keep kicking ass! XXX

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  4. Well done Mark, you are coping well with this next onslaught of treatment. Love reading your blog, it is amazing all the treatment you are receiving, and sounds like you have some great people looking after you. Keep going, and being strong. Both Norm and I send our love and we are thinking of you. Love to Nathan too, be great to catch up when all the treatments are finished. Lots of love xx the Norms

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  5. Hey Mark another great blog and great you are feeling more upbeat this time what a super warrior you are 💪. So proud of you. Sorry you have lost your hair again but you still look gorgeous !!!! We are thinking about you and Nathan every day and praying for you to be well again very soon. Sending lots of love to you and Nathan , Pammy and Keith xxx💕

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  6. Dear Mark, So pleased to hear that you are feeling more upbeat this week and it is such a comfort to us to know that you are in the very best of hands. Soon this will all be behind you and you have so much to look forward to with Nathan and your many wonderful friends. You are very much in our thoughts and we send lots of love, Mon & Reg xx
    The girls and I think you look handsome with hair or a No.1 – just a different hottie look. xx

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  7. Much love to you my dearest❤️ I am with you every day Knowing you have the strength and that you need every bit if it.

    The damn hairloss!! Yes I know it should not be such a big deal, But it is😩 Like you said, it cones back So from Monday on it starts growing again😊 Hope you get to go home to morrow Talk to you when you feel like it

    Try to relax a little bit It helps your body Hugs and kisses😊😍❤️

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