Hey lovelies! Just checking in. Got home on Monday as planned from my 5 night spa stay at UCH.

I just don’t think my health issues are even the slightest bit important at the moment if we look at what is happening right now in Ukraine. I am devastated and glued to the news. Who would have thought having been through 2 years of the Covid 19 epidemic to then all of a sudden have a full blown war in Europe! I mean this is 2022! Is this really happening?! I am so angry as I am sure all of you are too!

Well I will admit this Cycle 2 has really wiped me out, thought I would be feeling much better than I do. It’s Saturday and still feel rubbish! I am so impatient and just want to start to feel alive again. I have lost loads of weight (some may think a good thing! 😂) The problem is I have no appetite and can’t taste anything currently. You end up losing muscle mass as well. I looked at my Bambi legs this morning and thought WTF.

Baldie is back!

I think I am pretty tough, but this past week has been very trying. I can only describe it as a war within my own body! Trying so hard to avoid ending up back in hospital as my blood levels reach their lowest in the coming days. These next few days are when I become neutropenic, all while giving myself injections every evening to push out the white cells from the bone marrow. I am keeping a positive mindset that I will push on through this time. But my god Cycle 2 you have been a bitch!

Managed to get my bloods done on Thursday at home and Dr K is happy with the results and just asked me to call her if anything changes, literally that’s a luxury in itself, but I don’t want to have to make that call. Next appointment is Monday and I need to visit the MacMillan Cancer Centre to have my USB dressing changed and more bloods! This will become a weekly trek for now. The next big milestone is a PET/CT scan on the 21st of March. All prayers welcome!

I started reading next steps which includes an outpatient chemo infusion which then prepares you for the stem cell harvest. That procedure will be in early April, just in time for my birthday, lovely! More on that later! When you read all the guidance and notes, you just want to crawl under a rock. I still feel the need to only look at each step in this process as an achievement.

My boys have arrived for the weekend and I cannot tell you how wonderful that is. It’s been very difficult to plan anything with my treatment plan. Nathan is literally my rock and how he copes with all this I don’t know. He is always checking on me constantly, and I have not forgotten all of you who constantly check in with me. Apologies for any delayed replies. I literally have not had the energy to write until today. Last week was a total write off and hopefully it’s upwards from here.

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Much love 🧡 xx


  1. Mark, you and Nathan are constantly in our thoughts. You have done so well and already gained very good progress. Thank you for keeping us so well updated, as we want to know how you are doing, although we never doubt that you will overcome this. Together, you and Nathan have so much to look forward to and so much is waiting for you. You will be pleased to hear that Reg has been discharged from hospital, after a very bumpy 31 day stay. He is doing well and we are all spoiling him. I read him your story to date and showed him the photos – he sends his love.
    Thinking of you both and sending lots of hugs your way.
    Monica xxxx

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  2. My darling By sone strange reason this showed up on my mail to day ! Well not that I did not know the hell you are going through and you can be sure my prayers are with you every single day😘 I trust that you are going up hill a tiny bit!!

    But Mark you do not need to keep face for me! I have some good idea of what you are going through !

    So gladyou had Nathan with you during the weekend I keep praying and hoping the pet sc will be in your favour! Fingers crossed All the best always Lots of love xxx


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  3. Dearest Mark and Nathan, Sending much Love ❤️ And Prayers from Ozz. I’m thinking about you a lots at the moment, I’m hoping to get a London flight ✈️🙏🥰❤️
    Much love Leena 🥰❤️🙏


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