Well things were going along great since the last time I posted so there hasn’t been much action so to speak. Work was hectic last week and we had our annual CAA interim audit so that always adds some pressure to the workload. The audit was on Wednesday (which went very well by the way) and on the way home I was feeling strange, it’s not that cold out and I was freezing in the car, shivering best describes it. I got home and checked my temperature, 38.8C; higher than it was ever during chemotherapy. That kind of temperature is not alarming normally but in my situation they say anything over 38 is an issue. Dose up on paracetamol and the rest. I was freezing cold and it’s summer time. Next morning after a shit night’s sleep, woke up with fever, sore throat and mouth, worse than on previous times. Bizarre.

The next couple of days were a write off as I was feeling crap. Not to mention I brought the car in to my garage have some dashboard indications checked and after some really shit customer service to be told the good news was that the part that needed changing was on warranty so they would cover £2000 and all I would need to cough up (literally) was £950. They even mentioned they were doing me a favour??! WTF, not a good week right? The stress of that was enough to tip me over the edge! I’ve only had the car for 4 months. 😦 To be continued…

A bunch of toes for the Fight! (Love Nathan’s feet lol)

The weekend plans had to be altered as well. Had planned a lovely BBQ with the lovely Emma and Felipe on the Saturday afternoon but I was as miserable and poorly as fuck so there was no way I could handle entertaining. Emma was great about it, straight on the phone to ask if there was anything she could do, should I contact the my health care team etc.  Such an amazing person! I hate having to cancel plans, especially when we are hosting. I really think it was a case of wanting to do too much too soon, was trying to get back to normal with gym and work. Body says NO! My brain and my body don’t agree.

Nathan is amazing, he just handles all this in his own way, he is never bothered or annoyed that I am not the man I used to be. He just rides the storm and is there for me unconditionally and that is totally amazing. He could see I was not well when I picked him and Bentley up on Friday from the station. I really had been feeling so much better it just annoyed the fuck out of me. Not very romantic I might add! Love him so much for being the perfect husband to be ❤


Saturday sofa time 😉

The lovely Bella and Dave were in Pithers parlour on Saturday, Bella wanting some wedding hair inspiration and Davey D the regular fix up. Saturday was not much else, ended up on the sofa for the rest of the day watching Dexter lol (addicted you say!) I swear we didn’t move from there, except every 4 hours for pain meds lol.

When I woke up on Sunday I felt like it had lifted, no fever, sore throat almost gone…no need for meds, result. Not to mention it was just gone 10 am! They say sleep is a good medicine itself and a time when the body repairs itself, they ain’t wrong. Time to get our asses out of bed and get the day started and today we were taking Auntie Pascale with us on our walk with Bentley to Cowdray woods. Bentley just loves it there. Mind you he comes back filthy, but as he was due for a bath anyway… He had to find the biggest stick there and he is so strong carrying it around, love him. The rest of Sunday consisted of more sofa time and a roast dinner. Got to love a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. Did I even mention Bentley loves that too 😉


Well it’s Monday and it’s going to be my first radiotherapy session and I have my wing man (doubling as photographer today) with me. It’s time to catch the train and get the show on the road. I am going to get used to this journey as I have another 16 sessions after today. We grabbed some lunch when we arrived and headed straight to the clinic. We were early but still were seen to quite quickly. The team there are great, friendly and efficient. It’s question time again and in we go for another prep session. They talk you through the procedure and once again ask you to sign so that you understand what is being done to you. This one type of security question makes me giggle, which part of the body are we treating? No margin for error here lol. We are asked to wait as someone is on the machine right now but I am next. Yipee! NOT.

Now you see what I am talking about! Serious business!

Out comes my mask again, damn, they found it! There is no getting away from this one I can assure you. It’s even tighter than it was last time, lovely. Move a little here, move a little there as they get you in the exact position you need to be in. Nathan was allowed to stay during the prep time, but like everyone involved he would need to leave the room when they were ready to start. There will be just me and the ‘True Beam’ machine left in the room. I tell them Nathan is my fiance and they say thankfully not paparazzi lol! A short CT scan and they will be ready to start my treatment. They say this will be the longest session as they are still ensuring everything is set up exactly as required.

This is a great shot! Thanks Nathan ❤

It’s so strange the lights are off in the room and the machine just moves around you and makes all kinds of noises, beeps and buzzing sounds. There a tropical foilage picture on the ceiling which is lit up, I mentioned how interesting it was. I can’t see much with the mask on but am aware of my surroundings. You feel nothing at all, it just seems to take soo long, even though it was literally only a few minutes. It’s the fact you are trapped, pinned to the table so it’s not a great feeling. A painless experience, certainly nothing compared to chemo. Early days though, let’s update next week.

Out of there and on the way home in a flash on the train. After all I’ll be back. Nathan heading back to Cardiff soon and Bentley is on staying with me this week. He is on holibobs! Bless. He will keep me company. Tommy boy coming for a visit tomorrow, it’s been ages and we need a proper catch up. Work is a bit a mare at the moment but hey, I’m not complaining.

Once again thanks to everyone for all the messages of concern and support. It’s over whelming sometimes and it means a lot.


Lovely Laetitia doing this for me ❤


Love and Light X





  1. Just read your blog Mark. Your 1st session is over. I think waiting for the 1st one is the worst, now you know what to expect. I didn’t think it was you in the photo i thought they were showing a demo before they did it to you. ( Like resus Annie.) You amaze me with how you are dealing with it all. Much love always Mandie, Greg & Dominic xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Mandie Candie, all went well as you can see but then again it’s early days. No this was me this time! (Haha no resusi Annie!) It’s all part of the journey. Hope you are all doing well down under. Thanks for thinking of me and keeping up with my blog. Lot’s of love to all of you XXX ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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