Just back from an amazing weekend in Cardiff with my one and only. The mood is certainly different now and the past few weeks seem almost surreal. We just don’t ever know what is around the corner and so it’s really important to appreciate what we have in the ‘now’.

Popped by the Salon on Friday and met Louise who is Nathan’s bestie and was once again great to watch Nathan at work doing his thing and catching up on her news. They all say he has the ‘eye’ and he most certainly does. A few of his colleagues come over to say they have heard the good news and it’s really quite touching, especially Chelsea who asks for a hug, so cute. People rock. Out to dinner that night at LaVita and we just really enjoy some ‘us’ time without the doom and gloom conversation. Pizza and a gorgeous bottle of red, so uplifting.

Had a very strange night, both Nathan and I wide awake at 5am, don’t have a clue why, maybe just the events of the past weeks catching up on us. I actually I first woke up at 3. So time for coffee and more coffee.

Saturday was busy starting with the man himself getting his own hair cut by the boss. Mel was there and she was just her bubbly self and gave me a huge hug. She said that I just had just been given the best Christmas gift ever.  I like the people around Nathan, they are all really special. We headed out into town to do some shopping mainly for his parents and besties and ended up buying shoes for ourselves, as you do lol. Can’t beat 50% off! The atmosphere in town is festive and it’s just good to spend the day Christmas shopping with your boyfriend in Cardiff. Our first Christmas together. What more can you ask for?

Once we got back we did the normal ritual of a bacon roll from the farmers market and then popped by to see Nathan’s friend Angie and her mum Flo. Angie has worked for Virgin Atlantic for many years and we had some friends in common on FB. Amazing girl and so dedicated to her mum. Flo is 80 and such a beautiful lady. She is suffering from a trapped nerve and is constantly in pain.I had never met her before but she had invited Nathan and I to her 80th birthday party, which unfortunately we could not attend due to my fireworks night at home. What a wonderful person and despite the pain and everything she has been through health wise, she is just a ray of sunshine. So interesting and delightful to be around. Makes my past few weeks seem insignificant when you listen all Flo has been through. I must be born under a lucky star.

Later on gifts are wrapped and we head back into town to spend some quality time with Nathan’s mum Vanessa, dad Bryn, brother Matthew and his son Iustin. I just think they are just wonderful people and a real family. I sometimes forget what that is like, having lost my own parents such a long time ago. My friends are my family, the ones you choose. But this is the real deal. We went to Winter Wonderland, drank loads of mulled wine and got a bit tiddled. It was so good to be celebrating together. His parents and brother all telling me that they heard the good news and I am reminded of how this must have affected Nathan. Everyone was concerned and worrying for him as well as for me.


Nathan managed to ask his parents if they would host his 40th this coming summer at theirs and they said yes. He wasn’t expecting them to say yes, but I knew they would want to celebrate their son’s 40th. After all Nathan deserves the best party ever. When Nathan steps away from the table I chat with his mum about how talented he is and they he should be doing more with it. She agrees with me. He could be his own business, but that is easy to say. It’s just more work. Nevertheless something to think about.

After saying goodbye to Nathan’s parents we head out to dinner just the two of us to Wahaca, a mexican restaurant. Amazing food and great company. Weekends in Cardiff are so lush, I actually prefer to be there than to be home. Don’t get me wrong I love my place but home is where Nathan is. Not like me at all to enjoy being anywhere but at home. My friends will tell you that too!

Sunday was a chill day and all we had to do was go shopping at TK Maxx near his parents and sort out some last minute things. A little trip to get some food as well for the coming weekend. I thought it was time to give Nathan a key to my place as he had given me one for his some time ago. It just feels right to share our homes together. Tapas for lunch at the Juno Lounge, yum! Nathan is making mince pies as they are a favourite of Karen’s, who will be arriving later this week 🙂 Time for a cwtch on the sofa and watch some dvds (quite addicted to Hannibal thanks to the boy lol) . I didn’t realise I had fallen asleep until Nathan told me (think he had as well!). Strangely I just woke up feeling so dark, emotional and like I should leave. My mind is all over the place and I just think this shit has really done my head in. Nathan just handled the situation brilliantly like he always does. I need to seriously get a grip.

On the road this morning, left Cardiff at 7 and straight to the office. Will be a busy week ahead getting ready for Karen’s arrival and sorting the house for Christmas. I am really looking forward to Christmas at home and Cardiff with friends and of course Nathan by my side. Still at the back of my mind is what next, hopefully I will know more in the coming days and can soon put this all behind me. I want closure to this chapter.


  1. Wow a big comment from you Mark, you like it more in Cardiff. I’m so pleased to see you so deeply affected by love- it’s a great emotion. Your news have been my Christmas present this year as well, so I did say to George, I have used all my luck now. Christmas is approaching even in down under and so is our move to Rose Bay, it’s like getting married again- sometimes the 5 am panic hits me am I doing the right thing – I know all will be good in the end and if not, it’s not the end. Much Love and light from us in Ozz.

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    1. Leena my heart goes out to you. Your luck is my luck. I am lucky to have you in my life and you too deserve all the happiness one can have. Life is never easy but together with George you can face the next adventure. All has to be good in the end. Love you always X Mark


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