Arrived home in Cardiff yesterday evening and was greeted by Nathan and the most tightest of hugs and we just stayed like that for ages. You see its like an old fashioned romance, never known anything like it. The scene is set, candles lit and the perfect ambiance. Time for bubbles (and a whole load of other beverages!) some fun 😉 and some food, meticulously laid out. He is the real deal.

I must say I am still in a state of shock over yesterdays events. Not sure what I was supposed to learn by this but I do know I can start making plans again. In all honesty I feel like I lost an entire 2 weeks of my life. It felt like it was much longer than that. Not a shock you can just tuck away out of your mind. Still I am a bit troubled, what next, let’s wait and see what the Dr Ivanov has to say next week. Just because I had a clear scan, I am concerned because could this come back again? It changes you, and you don’t have control over those emotions.

The messages came in big time as the news spread and some after reading my blog. Once again I am grateful for all the love. In my haste to write yesterday I completely forgot to mention that Denis my BFF had been emailing a clinic in Hanover looking into alternative treatments offered there. He even was looking a apartments there and was planning to do anything possible to make sure I would make it out of this healthy once again. These treatments cost thousands and he told me we would find a way to fund it. I am so touched by this I cannot help want to share that with everyone. We take friendship for granted sometimes. What I would like to say to Denis is thank you for being the best friend I could have ever asked for. Here’s to another 25 years.

Nathan and I had a great catch up with Cynthia in London, KJ and her mum in New Zealand and Thora in Iceland on FT. Everyone was calling at the same time lol. Everyone wanting to share in the moment. It was great to laugh and smile again. Pascale must have called me a few times she was so deeply concerned throughout this, as were many others. Drinks were flowing at this point and both of us were so exhausted from the days events.

I want to take Nathan away sometime in January. I just want to be able to make plans again and enjoy time together.

I don’t think either Nathan or I slept that well, it was late and after all we were celebrating! One thing for sure is we didn’t let go of each other all night. Nothing unusual for us but it was like we both realised that we have together could have changed drastically. We were back on track.

Woke up early and the hangover hasn’t quite hit yet but it will be a creeper I am sure haha. Time for coffee and cuddles and then take Nathan to work. The sun is shining. We have a busy weekend ahead, some shopping, dining out and time to get festive. Bring on Christmas and NY. I am so lucky. I know what matters most.







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