Another great weekend just flew by. Nathan arrived on Friday night as planned but not without a diversion 😉 Bless him the train had signalling issues and he ended up in Guildford. Hey not a problem off I went to go and fetch him. Every moment together counts and I will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

Bearing in mind the little bump I can feel on my neck, it seems there might be more than one, I still wanted to have a stress free time. WTF! This thing doesn’t realise who it is messing with! I am not in the mood for this at all.

Finally back to PT with Bernie on Saturday and it was great to be back on the gym floor and lifting again together (well I was still, but just not the same without a good ole goss!). You see Bernie fractured her wrist and has been in a sling since end of December. Healing well so we are back to it. Small victories.

The lovely Marianne came to visit on Saturday evening, she had not met Nathan yet and we were way overdue to get together. First ETA was 8 pm then 645 pm then 745 pm then this lovely arrives at 7pm. Hilarious! A nice dinner planned for us all with Argentinian steaks on the barbie and plenty of champagne and the rest… It’s amazing how when you don’t see people for some time that you just pickup where you left off. We met in 1997 and to this day I swear she has not aged a bit, still glam and gorgeous.

In our conversations that evening Marianne said she wasn’t able to read my blogs without crying and didn’t feel she could talk to me about my disease. She did that with Denis, she was in touch with him. I get that and respect that some people find these types of issues difficult to deal with. I did in the early days too. I am coming to terms with the fact something is going to have to give. What though, I don’t really know yet. Was a great night and we ended up getting the tunes going with each selecting a song or 10 that we wanted to hear and at one point Marianne is in tears. This really touched me as these were tears for me. People rock.


Sunday was a nice and chillaxed day with the boy and some sofa time. We did a Grace and Frankie marathon. Just love that series. Nathan was not in top form so bless him we took it easy and he still managed to put together a great healthy meal for us. When you don’t live together the weekends are so very precious. Things have to be planned, and us time always has to fit in there somewhere. How important are cuddles and being intimate.

Woke up today and thought I need to make an appointment with Dr Ivanov about these bloody bumps. The secretary said nothing available until late February or early March. Ok I did rant a little lol. I said I still haven’t received my results from the bone marrow test and that it seemed rather unreasonable to wait that long. Wait she says, I will speak with the doc and come back to you. It’s not that different from customer service we deal with every day lol. Assert yourself a little!

Dr Ivanov calls me himself (love that touch) and he informs me that my bone marrow tests were clear, nothing untowards there at all. He asks how my appointment with Dr A in London went, I just told him exactly what I thought and that he was not someone I would want treating me. It’s all about chemistry. Just hearing Dr Ivanov’s voice makes me feel confident he has my back. I tell him about the bumps and he says it could be what we are thinking but better to order an ultrasound scan and then discuss the results at our next appointment. There is nothing before 23rd of Feb but if I feel its becoming a problem to call his secretary and bring it forward. He always mentions this is not urgent, I like speaking with him. He keeps me grounded. He has a sense of humour much like mine. This whole cancer thing really throws you off balance.

Small victories are worth celebrating too.


  1. Hi Mark just caught up with your blogs. Not good news about your lumps 😢 Cant believe they can’t fit you in for a month Ridiculous keep shouting 😦 Thinking about you of course and sending lots of love and hugs from us both. 🤗🤗😘😘 xx

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  2. Mark, I enjoy reading your updates! While I hate that you are on this horrible cancer journey, you have a wonderful writing style, I love the special titles you give to each new post, you lead us gracefully through your days. You use humour mixed with a brilliant sense of storytelling, I laugh, I cry, and sometimes I’m left pondering my own life…only a true writer can captivate the audience in that way. Thank you my dearest Mark for your bravery in sharing your journey! As always, sending love and hugs and most of all, prayers ❤❤ Karen XX

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    1. My dearest Karen I really appreciate that you get me. I don’t ever think I have been compelled to tell a story like this, never mind write! I see it this way there are 2 stories running simultaneously – my cancer and the love of my life. I certainly wouldn’t do any of this without people like you cheering for me. I am humbled and touched. Love to you Karen ❤


  3. Hi Marky Mark,
    I have just read your blog and so happy to hear your bone marrow is clear!
    Dr Ivanho sounds like a really good Dr.
    I think about you everyday and wish i could be there for you. I know you have a lot of wonderful friends that will take care of you.
    It is wonderful that you have found a wonderful partner in Nathan Pithers ( just love saying his name) i still haven’t met him only on the screen.
    Would you, if you haven’t already look on Megan Reilly’s website & send her an email telling her all about what is happening to you. She is in Melbourne and doing amazing things with Cancer.

    Take care my precious. Lets talk! I’m 10 hours ahead here in outer space!!

    Love you ❤️

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  4. Hey Mandie Candie so great to read your words. I know we are not close by geographically but we have always been close. If you were here you would be around I know that. And you are one of my great friends and I will never forget that. I will have a look at her website and see what’s going on with cancer in OZ. I know they are doing some great things there. We should FT soon it would be great. Yes you love to say Nathan Pithers hehe I remember and you will meet him next time you are around. Or maybe we will come there one day. Love you ❤


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