It’s as if the universe sends you what you need at the right time.

I’m in Cardiff this weekend with my boy and it always feels so good to be with someone who actually completes you. I still have to pinch myself when I think about how different my life would be if I hadn’t met Nathan. He just tells me every day we will beat this thing! All my friends tell me as well and I know I have a lot of people fighting my corner.

My work wife Debbie was in touch yesterday as she had reconnected with an ex colleague she used to work with at Virgin Atlantic after 10 years. Kirsty is her name and she is the CEO and Founder of London Medical Concierge. It’s geared as a service putting people in touch with the best medical care available. Kirsty herself had lost her husband to cancer in 2014 and this inspired her to found this much needed service.

As if my magic I am already in touch with Kirsty and she asks me to tell her about her about my situation. I sent her an email and she asked me to call her. She needed my consent to be able to discuss my medical history with 3 other Haematologists she had access to. She had worked with Dr A as well and agreed and had the same opinion as me on his bedside manner lol. Everyone is different. I just need to like the person who is going to take care of me, it’s just who I am.

So it’s Saturday night and Nathan and I are over at Louise and James’ for a lovely Thai dinner. Like Nathan, James is an amazing cook! It was great seeing them again and spending time with people that are special to my boy. They have a little girl called Amelie and she is just wonderful. Perfect evening. A few voddies thrown in for good measure and we watched Pam Ann, hilarious. They had not ever seen her before.

Just before dinner my phone rings and it’s Kirsty. She was so excited to tell me one of the doctors had responded to her, Dr M, he wanted to see me at his Harley Street practise on Monday 6pm. He says the treatment I have been offered previously is geared for those in Stage 3 or 4 and terminal. He believes that 3 courses of chemotherapy followed by 3 sessions of radiotherapy would be the right fit as this is localised. That sounds totally acceptable to me lol. Hey I wish I didn’t have to have any of this but I am not going to kid myself. I won’t get away from the fact this shit has to go! All this on a Saturday evening, people rock!

I can’t manage an appointment Monday but I am also offered 6pm on Thursday as need time to get organised with my private health care to enable this appointment. That’s one blessing I know comes in handy at times like this. So let’s see what Dr M has to say. This doctor has even written a book about Lymphoma so must know what he is talking about. Bernie will come with me again and be my buddy on this next chapter.

Mandie has also been in touch and is telling me all about the alternative care available in Oz, through Megan Reilly. Everyone is so willing to fight my corner. I am really touched, even offering to cover costs for me. Friends rock!

Having a lazy day today, Nathan will have me watching the Rugby as Wales are playing this afternoon. God help me lol! It seems like such a violent game to me haha! But hey it’s ok to step outside of box sometimes, the new normal. Not a lot I wouldn’t do for him šŸ˜‰ Sunday roast is on the menu and it’s just time for more cuddles and nothing on earth can beat that feeling of loving someone and being loved in return. It’s my boy’s big 4.0 soon so lot’s of festivities planned šŸ™‚


Thank you Debbie Elliott for the love and support. That also goes to all of you who are sending positive vides and prayers. I am humbled.


  1. Wow Mark that is just the best news how wonderful for people to be so caring and kind. Will be thinking of you Thursday and keeping everything crossed for you , I know you will beat this thing you are so positive and up beat about the whole thing and love you so much for that. Glad ya had a good time in Cardiff with your lovely man. Lots of love from us both see you very sooon xxxxx


    1. Yes Pammy the lord works in mysterious ways. I just want to be absolutely sure about any treatment I have to undertake. Thanks for the love and see you on the weekend šŸ™‚ XXX


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