I am very lucky to work for such a great company. I have a great job and I love what I do…well most days that is! lol One of the perks is the private health care. Little did I know it would really be as important as it is right now. I am not anti-NHS at all and there are some great people working there. (National Health Service for those not familiar with the UK – we are lucky to have free health care here)Β  I especially adore Dr. Gleb Ivanov. I know I have mentioned it before but he is wonderful. I am just trying to think outside the box and see if somehow, out there, there is something else on offer. Something I can live with. Let’s say its like getting a quote to do some redecoration in your home, you get 3 quotes!

Must admit I know this thing is back again, I feel it inside me, in the same area where I had the nodule removed in early November, except now there is two. 😦  It’s like a discomfort, not very painful but it let’s you know, ‘I’m back’ Thanks I get it! I am writing this on the eve of my appointment with Dr M at the LOC (Leaders in Oncology Care) on Harley Street in London.

None of this would have happened without the help of Kirsty Ettrick at London Medical Concierge. She has been in touch constantly making sure everything happens as planned tomorrow. Forever chasing things up and I am overwhelmed at her devotion and passion for her job. Emails, calls, texts and acting as the liaison with the Dr’s office. God bless her and thank you again Debbie for putting me in touch with this angel. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to be connected with experts in various fields of medicine.


As we know things don’t happen quickly with the NHS, still waiting on an ultrasound scan and my next appointment is 23rd Feb. I called Dr Ivanov’s secretary earlier this week to ask her to foward all my notes and test results to Dr M’s office. This proved to be a little challenging to say the least. Firsty I was asked if I could write a letter…I don’t have time to write a letter and get everything back in 3 days! Surely they must use email? Well I gave them the address to which they needed to be sent to and they said they would do their best on an urgent basis. Ealier today I received a call from the secretary and she said she was worried that the documents and slides would not make it in time for my next day appointment. Off I went to East Surrey Hospital to collect them in person.

Once home I then was asked if I could scan all the documents to Dr M’s secretary so he could have a look at everything before we meet. This will save time at the consultation. Wouldn’t it have been great if the hospital could have done that directly? Just a thought.

Take charge of your own destiny is the moral of the story here.

I had dental appointment today and Gail my lovely hygienist was asking me how I was and I took a few minutes to update her. She told me that at one time a consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital had advised that her son needed to have brain surgery at a very early age because of this and that, and her answer was simply, NO WAY. She was not having it and guess what he is completely normal and growning up nicely. Sometimes you need to say no to certain things and find what is right for you. I am so not just a treatment out of the box kind of guy haha! πŸ˜‰

Throughout this journey I haven’t changed my lifestyle,Β  I still get up at 530 am and hit the gym most days. That is really when I try to forget about all this and feel normal. You try learning new choreography for Body Step at 630 am! lol I am trying to do normal ‘stuff’ and plan things. Nathan is coming on the weekend and we are having around 2o or so friends over on Saturday night for his pre-birthday bash. It will be good fun. I am lucky that he has a such a great sense of humour, even though I may not always be in the best of spirits these days. Last night he had me in stitches with his finger puppets on Face Time lol I’m still laughing.


Went out for a lovely dinner this evening with Bernie, Tony, Denis, Jeremy and Alex. A great local in Bolney. Was great to see everyone and helps to escape sometimes. Even though I wasn’t really up to it I needed it. Friends are family.

Thanks for stopping by it means a lot to me. Night all.


  1. Good luck Mark! Thinking of you and sending a TRUCK LOAD of good vibes!!!
    I am looking forward to reading the next update and thank you for keeping us all in the loop!

    Don’t forget …… You Rock Mark!

    I love you to the moon and back!

    Yours KJ xxxxxx


  2. Mark, We have been following your blog and progress from the very start and we are so very pleased that you have now been put in touch with Kirsty and the LMC. It sounds excellent and very promising. We are thinking of you and send lots of good wishes and love. Mon, Louise and Sarah xx


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