Hey its been a crazy few days and I just didn’t have time to update after my visit with Bernie to see Dr. M.

Bernie and I set off to Harley Street on this next part of this very different kind of journey yesterday evening and we had a really good feeling it was going to be good this time. On the train I then realise I had forgotten all my notes and slides which I was asked to bring along…duh…where is my head these days! Luckily I had scanned all the documents the day before. 😉 It was easy to find and when we arrived we realise this was a very different kind of place. It looked more like a boutique hotel in the reception area. We were greeted very nicely by two lovely ladies. As we approached the desk all you could hear is a squeeky creaky sound and Bernie burst out with, ‘that wasn’t me’ lol! Typical Bernster!

Time to get comfy and as we were a tad bit early we were then told help yourself to coffee, tea, some food etc. Unfortunately there was no builders tea for Bernie, only posh tea! I am then called in for my height and weight measurements and well this was the funniest part of my visit, I have gone from being 1.77m to 1.73m in height. Fuck me, have I shrunk through all this?? I think they need some new equipment, in any case I told her I am taller than that, trust me!

Looking around the waiting room you see that this place is really a posh place for people looking to be discreet about their illness. Only people dealing with cancer are here, as this is the only reason one would come here. Sofas, very comfy ones I might add, no chairs. Way too comfy! It takes all kinds and you can’t tell how wealthy people are by the way they are dressed. One gent had stains on all over his sweatshirt and really didn’t look well, but it was in fact his wife who had the appointment. My bad!

After completing the formalities and Bernie having her second cup of posh tea, we are told Dr M is ready to see us, just go to the 1st floor and it’s consulting room no 2. Simple enough. I hadn’t even knocked when Dr M opened the door and was shaking my hand and introducing himself. The office is actually as posh as the reception. We are asked to sit down and then he says, tell me your story, I know you have told this story to a hundred people before but tell me everything. I obliged of course. He mentions that I have been recommended by Kirsty at the LMC and yes I am grateful for that. He asks me to come behind the screen as he would like to examine me. Bernie then says I won’t come over there lol. I am given the once over and poked and proded in the areas you would expect to have issues with lymph nods. The only place it’s apparent is in the same area it first started. This much I truly hope.

I like this man, actually really like his manner, Bernie will agree. He is straight to the point. Any allergies, any symptoms, any medications, any alcohol…I start to say like 21 units a week….yeah yeah ok any recreational drugs? Ha no, not my thing I giggle. He was so thorough and we went through his thought process. As very little data is available on the type of cancer I have, never mind localised, he says here is what I suggest. We get another PET scan early next week. If this is still localised we do the following:

3 courses of CHOP chemotherapy, every 3 weeks then a 3 week break. The 3 weeks of radiotherapy Mon-Fri, so like 15 sessions. We are looking at like a 4 month plan, I can handle that I think. And he adds we can work around your holiday to Florence in early March. I think I can work with this man! This trip with Nathan is very special and I won’t miss it for anything.

If it has spread elsewhere (after results of the PET scan) we will need to go the full monty with the stem cell transplant. So let’s get this show on the road. Dr M says I can get you in for a PET scan at the Platinum Medical Centre at the Wellington Hospital either Monday or Tuesday because he trusts the Radiologists there. They are his go to people. Then we get the results in like 24 hours and then get to work on treatment so basically will be starting week after next. Yikes!

We leave the doctor’s office and head back on the tube to Victoria, with a feeling of hope and can I even say uplifted? We stopped off for a little drink at the Reunion Bar at the Grosvenor Hotel at Victoria. The barman even remembers what I drink…sad right? lol a double Grey Goose a l’orange on crushed ice (yes crushed as whole ice gets me pissed) and a Cosmo for the Bernster. A quick train ride back home and our chauffeur Tony is there to take us home, got to love my friends, they rock.

Up early this morning for a workout with Bernie at 615, like I am crazy right, but it really does help with coping with stress. I won’t be able to do much of that once I start treatment so need to get it in while I can. I am achey from how hard Bernie works me…ouch! Off to work with Denis to Stansted today, working in a freezing cold warehouse prepping for our next around the world trip. On the way home I email Dr M’s PA yes PA and not secretary. I am asking about the PET scan and when it will be. She answers immediately and says they will be in touch directly. Not 5 mins pass and the phone rings and guess who it is. I have my appointment on Monday at 1000 sharp in North London. Someone is not going to be happy about that lol. I will be radioactive again as if the first time wasn’t enough. Well been there done that. Got the T-shirt.

Such a hottie!

Nathan is on the train here as I write, can’t wait. So now this weekend will be focused on celebrating his birthday with friends and also celebrating life’s blessings. No matter what happens we need to be thankful for each precious day. Love to all of you.







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