Just wrapping up a fantastic long weekend in Florence with Nathan. It has been magical in every way. I don’t think there is a Church we have not seen and what about all the men’s willies on all those statues lol. I think Nathan captured every one of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

We started the holiday in London last Wednesday and had an amazing evening staying at the Intercontinental on Park Lane, cocktails at the Four Seasons and then on to Casa Malevo for a lush dinner. The next morning breakfast in bed and then we set off for London City Airport for our flight to Firenze. How exciting, first holiday together. Still all I can think about at the back of my mind is that when we come back I will be facing the reality of chemo. I just can’t help feeling like this will change me forever. I am terrified of becoming someone else through this invasive process. I am trying to see the bright side of things but sometimes it’s a struggle.

We arrived in beautiful Firenze and then headed off to our romantic apartment right in the heart of the city. We could actually see the Ponte Vecchio from our window. Our host Mirella was so lovely and her place is so perfect. Beautiful loft with suspended bedroom on the upper floor. So perfect for this trip. What Nathan didn’t know was that I was going to ask him to marry me at some point over the weekend. I hadn’t quite decided when, just when I felt it was the right moment. I had been planning this ever since we booked this trip back in October.

That evening we went out to dinner and then afterwards wandered over to the Ponte Vecchio. It was buzzing with live music and loads of people. It’s actually so magical there, and I suddenly thought this would be the right place to pop the question. I had the rings at the ready and when I did ask, Nathan replied with aren’t you going to get down on one knee? haha! Really, if you want me to. And of course I did. He said YES thankfully ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then time for the ring and wait for it….it didn’t fit him…gutted to say the least but I thought I had chosen the right size. Well we can sort that one out later. The fact is we are engaged now, committed to a future together. I have waited my whole life to meet ‘the one’ and make something so official. It feels right with Nathan, we are really good together.


We explored the city for the rest of the weekend. One of the highlights was going up the 464 steps to Berlosconi’s Duomo. We had almost reached the top and Nathan was having a panic attack, it was a challenging climb I must say. Then some other folk said you made it this far you have to go on. I just said to Nathan let’s do it. I’ll be right there with you. And sure enough we made it to the top together. His face could tell a story!


We met some really lovely people working in cafes and restaurants and so nice we went back to those places a few times lol. One of the places was called Martelli’s and the lady that worked there was a diamond. She knew what we wanted each time. Things like that make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Our trip home was a bit of an adventure due to bad winds in Florence. I kept thinking of when I used to work for Air Atlanta and we would cancel or delay flights to Florida during hurricane season. We would tell the passengers that and they would say stuff like…. We brits are not afraid of a bit of wind haha. My friend Loraine will remember this well.

Our flight was cancelled after we spent about 3 hours in the lounge getting legless. Nathan started chatting to an Irish couple behind us and was asking the lady if she could do an Irish accent with a lisp. It’s a joke we have between us. Hilarious. Lovely couple they were just wish we had taken their names and contacts.

So time to figure out how we will get home and I have the docs in the morning and a chemo talk. Not good. By the time we queued back at check in and got our bags back there were no more seats for that evenings flight out of Bologna (nearest airport). Nathan was really worried for me. He went to have a ciggy and while he was away he had been to see that lovely couple who had managed seats on the flight that evening . He literally had a melt down in a flood of tears and told them why I needed to get back and would they swap seats with us so we could leave that night. The first I knew is when the gent came up to me at checkin and said can we swap with you guys. People rock. The check in agent tried but no luck, it was too late. That was really truly kind of complete strangers and don’t I have the most amazing fiancรฉ ?!

An extra night in Florence, bus to Bologna in the morning then to catch the flight back to Heathrow. The flight back was made awesome by an lovely chap named Nick (Scotsman) who was the purser serving club class. Awesome attitude and excellent service skills, very old school. Nathan even had 2 plates of the Pork belly lol ๐Ÿท

Quick turn around at home and off to see Dr Marcus. Luckily Kirsty from the LMC managed to get my appointment changed. Angels around me everywhere. Yes KJ! Nathan was with me tonight and met Dr Marcus for the first time. Business it is but we do like to talk holidays. Dr Marcus had he himself just come back from holiday in Tel Aviv. Dr Marcus has a personality and speaks so eloquently. You have faith in someone like him. Direct and to the point.

I was read a list of possible and probable side effects of the treatment I am about to commence. Holy fuck, I’m not going to list them here as I fear you won’t want to read me anymore. Day 1 is tomorrow and I’m scared shitless.

The day ends on a very positive note. We now have a ring that fits Nathan yay! I must say it feels even better now.

Just on the train home now and I’m gagging for a drink. Can’t wait to snuggle up with my boy.

Peace out.











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