This week is racing by and it started with a visit to Dr Alexander Lyon’s office via the Physicians Clinic on Monday to have some tests done. I was with Denis and we couldn’t really get over how amazing these clinics are. They almost look like FBOs haha! The 2nd one even had a Nespresso machine! Bingo, we are totally checked out on that one, until we are told that we will be served, no need for us to do that. Oops pardon me, after all we are so used to serving others 😉

The menu included an Echocardiogram and an ECG. Reception staff and nurses ever so friendly and welcoming. Once we entered the first room for the echocardiogram I am asked to remove my shirt and lie on the bed. I just whip off my tshirt and leave all my things on the floor, just like at home. The nurse say you can place your things here and I say no worries, no need for any fuss, to which she responded we like people that like things simple.

Hook me up now, lights off and it’s time to start. A technician comes in to do the actual test, it works just like an ultrasound whereas you get that gel and they go over the area with a probe. The technician asks me if I know why I am having this test and I say of course, I’m prepping for a marathon NOT


Then on to the next room for the ECG, let’s just say it was big and like the other super clean and tidy. The bed is situated in front of a former fireplace mantle. This made me giggle and afterward I told Denis, imagine if it were real and something went wrong during the test, they could wheel you right in for cremation. LOL. I know my sense of humour is a bit warped these days!

Celeste the technician places all the pads on me, loads of them. I am always amazed at all the technology and how high tech it all looks. I often wonder how do they know where all the pads need to be. The actual test took just a couple of minutes and then Celeste says all done, you are pretty fit, resting heartbeat of 47bpm. Like an athlete. Thank you Bernie for making sure I am ready for this battle. I would not be in the shape I am these days without your drive and of course nagging lol.


Tests complete and some time to kill before seeing Dr Lyon and Denis and I are in search of some lunch and wine, well not for me just yet 😉 So we wandered around and found a great Persian place. Amazing food and a place to remember called Galleria at 17 New Cavendish Street. The hummous, veg samosas and grilled halloumi were awesome!

Time to visit Dr Lyon’s at the Royal Brompton outpatient clinic on Wimpole Street. Once again nicely greeted and were asked to be seated, the doctor could see me earlier. So different from previous experiences with the NHS.

Loved Dr Lyon so well presented with a great sense of humour. He asked the standard questions and then went on to tell me about my results. Want to see your heart he says, yes please! He says no it’s not a boy or a girl, thats your heart and how we look at all the functions. Great doctor you just get that feeling when you meet one. It’s all about the chemistry. Then on to checking blood pressure and the rest. All good in da hood. So I guess I am ready to face the music soon.

Something strange happened and when I received Dr. Lyon’s report he mentioned I was single in his description of my personal situation. I was really annoyed by this as I wasn’t asked haha! I told his PA there is an inaccuracy in the report, I am not single, I have a wonderful partner. She quickly apologised and said she would change it. That was not even discussed in meeting with the doctor. I just want to put the record straight 🙂

Back at work on Tuesday Denis and I had the pleasure of meeting some ex colleagues / suppliers we used to work with, Darrion and Emma. I just love these two. Like Debbie and I who are work wife and husband at work they too were the same when they worked at Absolute Taste. They don’t work together anymore but they are tight. So great to see them and catch up as well as talk about my current infatuation with health care. I really miss working with them and their passion for what they do.

So many people know of people who are dealing with or have dealt with cancer. As much as it is probably good to talk to people who have been through it, I am really not a one size fits all kind of guy. I think it best to see how I will be affected by it all and work it out from there. So many people sending me information on new developments and treatments that are being trialled. Unfortunately it’s too late for that now, I am just under a week away from commencing treatment and there is nothing that can change that now. I know I have found the best care available and I have to trust in that now.

At the gym this week I have many of my buddies wearing the armbands that Karen sent to me. I am really touched that they are doing that for me. They are so kind and supportive. I love them so much and can’t imagine not having them around in my classes. It’s great to be together with people that you genuinely care about and I know they have my back.

Well it’s holiday time now and I am awaiting this just after having arrived in Firenze with Nathan for his birthday holiday.  Time to enjoy some quality time with my boy and I am sure I will be seeing everything there is to see here. Nathan is very organised and has plans for each day, I will be all cultured out no doubt in a few days time lol. Not to mention knackered.

Until next time.










  1. GO Mark! I love your attitude and your decision! You Rock babe!
    Have the MOST amazing time with Nathan and embrace each other, each day and every minute!
    I love you loads and don’t forget it! 🙂
    FT is in need and let’s try to get ourselves sorted (when you get back) and catch up properly!
    With loads of love to you both
    Kristjana (KJ)


    1. Hey KJ we will catch up once back from our holiday. Lot’s of love to you and thanks for being there even of you are far away it feels like you are right here with me fighting this. XX Mark


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