Been awhile since I have sat down and published a blog, such a busy time over the past week with work, gym and with Easter thrown in as well, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground! I know my last entry was pretty grim but it all ended well. I know many of you worried when you started to read it. The best way to describe how I have been feeling the last few days is ‘human’. No meds no fog and I can even taste things, bonus! Certainly after the events of over a week ago I am so happy that I have gotten over this bugger of a chest infection too. All ready for CHOP vers 3 tomorrow morning at the LOC.

Earlier this week I was so touched to receive a beautiful Orchid and card from my crew out in the Far East on the Coldplay tour gig. Thank you Natalie, Lana, Kate, Alejandro, Kerrie, Scott and Viv. I love the fact they sent this while they were away on tour doing their thing and making everything fabulous for the band. You guys rock!

Beautiful Orchid – living is what I need right now!

On Good Friday I got a text from Denis saying he had a birthday gift for me that he needed to drop off and it couldn’t wait for tomorrow. What on earth I asked could it be, why couldn’t it wait? Was it from a supplier, was it perishable lol. (Hoping it was Foie Gras haha!) He just keep saying I don’t know who its from but they must really love you lol.

Denis and Jeremy – a force to be reckoned with!

Well go figure when he and Jeremy arrived with my gift it turned out to be no other than Karen Smith, hidden under a bouquet of flowers and hidden under a blanket in their Jeep. OMFG is all I could say, all the way from Canada to surprise me for my upcoming birthday, what a truly wonderful and touching thing to do for a friend. Love you ❀ Karen Smith. Nathan was in on the plan as well, sneaky sneaky! Not that his train would get him to us in time for dinner, so it went to plan B! Everyone knows how much I hate surprises, this one being the exception.

Quick selfie with Karen when she arrived OMG that was a surprise!

Was amazing spending time with Karen and Nathan and let’s not forget Bentley Boo! Bella and Dave popped in to visit and we shared some bubbles and it was great to see both of them. It’s times like this you know who you can turn to if you need anything at all. Both of them sporting their arm bands, it really touches me when I see my team wearing them. Karen Smith you are a true gem for coming up with such a unique idea. I am still posting some out to peeps.

Bella & Dave in their support for the fight!

Had a lovely dinner with Denis, Jeremy, Bernie, Tony, Karen and of course the love of my life and future husband, Mr Pithers. Chef Nathan was in the kitchen and made us some lovely pasta bolognese with all the trimmings. All I can say is yum! D & J brought dessert all the way from a French Patisserie in Kemptown, like fuck me, who does that sort of thing! It was devine. The wine and voddie was flowing that night and it was a great evening with all sorts of topics of religion, politics, more religion and Tony saying this is a load of bollocks haha! You got to love the Tonster! Got to love those types of conversatios where everyone has their own take on things. A pre birthday celebration it was to be, can’t believe I will be 51 in a few days time. Thanks for rocking up and making it a memorable one. Low key is what I wanted and 7-8 bottles of wine later πŸ˜‰ it sure was. Thanks for the lovely and thoughful gifts for both the engagement and my B-Day!

On Easter Sunday we took another long walk in Tilgate Park. Bentley was being spoiled by his auntie Karen. She kept threatenting to take him home in her carry on bag….that was not to be as Bentley is like our son and a parents love for their child, well you just can’t beat that. Then we headed to the Duke’s Head for Sunday roast and it was a lovely time, just what the doctor ordered. Good food, great company. Not much else you can ask for. A great Easter Sunday it was.

Monday was the day we had to say goodbye to Miss Smith and we headed off to the Queen’s terminal at LHR. Karen mentioned when Denis and Jeremy collected her on Friday the boys had said the 2 queens are picking you up at the Queens Terminal, hilarious. Love the boys, love Miss Smith!

As soon as we got back we have a lovely visit from Yvonne who had yet to meet Nathan and we had a great time and we ended up with D & J and we set off to the Jolly Tanners in Staplefield. Norma had told us Norm was playing in a Jazz trio from 4-7. It was awesome and Norm is the real deal. Cool and jazzy! All we needed to do is buy a raffle ticket, and guess who won the raffle LMFAO. Dinner for 2 at the JT. I never win anything.

I think they hit it off really well πŸ™‚

We then finished off the day with an evening meal at Strada in Horsham. Ony because Cote was fully booked! Won’t make that mistake next time. Mediocre food and over-priced, just saying. That’s ok because we can always come home and drown our sorrows πŸ™‚ Another great evening and Bentley fell in love ❀ with his auntie Yvonne and I think it was mutual too! All of us cuddled on the sofa. Some things will never change.

There was an awful lot of wedding talk over the weekend too. Nathan and I have planned a visit to a venue we quite like, so watch this space. We are going to see it next weekend in Chepstow, not too far from Cardiff.Β  Miss Smith was well on it and had a lot of ideas of her own πŸ™‚ It’s wonderful how planning a wedding makes you feel, never mind your friends lol.

I’m so not used to the skin head look!

Today was an ‘US’ time day and we took Bentley for a long walk on the Worth Way. I am discovering all the areas right on our doorstep, it took having a dog to realise there is so much beauty and nature around us. The it was the kind of afternoon we really love, once home the 3 on us the sofa watching Bates Motel. Lush lush lush. I have to say you really need days like that sometimes.

Isn’t Bentley lush?

Thank you for all the lovely cards and messages this week once again from some of my Instagram followers, Isabelle, Natalie, KJ, Thora, Nicki, Pammy, Norma, Alison, Louise B and Louise W, Dd (who may I add I had not clue had gone through something similar lately), Yvonne, Jamie, Nics, Louis C, Fay, Don Foley, Laura W, Louise Gibson, Mandie, Marianne, Kirsty, Debbie, Diane, Lorna, Pascale, and Maggie. Sorry I have have forgotten anyone. I really appreciate the love guys I cannot tell you. X Catch you on the other side, almost half way there.

Can YOU prove your age? lol




  1. So great you are on the up Markypoo. Great blog full of info. So so pleased you are almost at the half way tape. Always in my thoughts. Cpoo. Xxxxxxx

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  2. I love the orchid😍 looks exactly like the pic we saw online- thank god!! I was half worried some ratty little pink carnation in cellophane would turn up!πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ We are all back from the trip and I’m currently in jet lag club… we think it went well :)) xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey yes I know what you mean about buying stuff online haha! Bless you Jet Lag is a bitch and I know her so well, don’t miss that at all. I am sure it went well :)) welcome home xxxx


  3. You’re truly inspirational Mark, your positivity and upbeat personality is just fabulous. You literally light up a room. I will never forget the 1st time I spoke to you over the phone, I was blown away by your personality and just knew you would be a special person in my life from that moment on πŸ™‚ I’m super proud of you and wish you nothing but the very best! Now get planning that wedding 🎩 I want to hear all about it! I hope Bentley is walking down the isle with you πŸ’™ Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Donna thats so sweet of you to say and really am blushing. I just know when something is a right fit so I go with gut instincts. This fight of mine is priority right now as I know what plans I have and yes a wedding and yes Bentley will be the ring bearer for sure. Hope all is well with you and and glad we met when we did. It’s onwards and upwards now. ❀ xx Mark


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