Well this week certainly ended with bang. I have been feeling pretty crap the past couple of days if I am honest. Could I be doing too much, trying to be too normal? I really just want to live my life even though I am having to fight this battle of mine. I missed a few days at the gym as just wasn’t up to it. I have a chest infection for sure and it just won’t budge!

Woke up this morning feeling a bit warm and really didn’t want to get out of bed. What’s going on I asked myself? I took my temperature and it was 38.7 which for most people with a flu or chest infection would not be alarming, but in my case anything over 38 starts the alarm bells ringing. They worry about Neutropenia and Sepsis. I waited until 9am to call the LOC as I didn’t want to be dramatic. I managed to speak with GiGi, the nurse who attended to me on my last chemo session. GiGi says you need to be here in 1 hour, if you can’t you will need to go to your local hospital. WTF now that makes me panic, like it’s life threatening? That was not an option for me as I know when you are being treated privately it’s not always easy to fall back on the NHS with the same level of care. You never saw anyone get ready and pack an overnight bag so quick lol. Denis, bless him voluteers to come with me, I let Nathan and Bernie know what’s going on and 20 minutes later the car turns up that I booked and we are off to Harley Street. Now I am stressed as they really want you there in an hour, and I know it will be closer to 2 hours with the traffic.

In my comfy bed at the LOC

We get there and then after just a few minutes wait Jo, one of my nurses comes to get me and says let’s sort you out. I must say there is so much value in the people they employ at the LOC. They are all wonderul and dedicated and I feel like a celebrity when I am there haha. At one point I have 3-4 nurses around me and all having a giggle. And relax. Once again I am drained of my blood for some tests to be done, everything from temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels checked as per normal. All the while Denis is eyeballing the food menu and answering work emails and I tell him go on and order yourself some food! And he did, it all looked lush, but I was not really in the mood today. I said don’t say I never treat you to lunch haha! Can’t fault a coronation chicken wrap with hummous and falafel 🙂

Work never stops no matter what!

I am now going to be given a heavy dose of antibiotics via a drip. They nickname it ‘Domestos’ as it kills everything, that is so hilarious. Ramin one of the doctors comes to see me and let me know they are waiting on my blood results and if all good I will be able to go home, if not I will be checking in for a day or 2! He made a joke about chemo being like rat poison and you know what he is right. They have already located a bed in another hospital for me bless them. You just can’t put a value on great healthcare.

Results are in and my bloods are good, so the injections are doing their thing. Yikes 2 more shots to go. I will be able to go home and then set off to see the love of my life later on, not to mention some serious cuddles tonight. Nathan had offered to cancel his work plans on Saturday and come here to me, but as I have been released it’s always better to recouperate in the country 🙂 Denis does a chemist run for my take away drugs while I finish off my drip and we are almost ready to call a car to take us home. Someone is surely watching over me, I truly believe that.

This week also had some highlights, a visit from Chris Thalhammer (and a huge bottle of Ciroc Berry!)  and Pascale (with a huge box of Celebrations) for dinner on Tuesday. We did have other food just in case you wondered lol. Tommy boy was in the house on Wednesday evening, having arrived with the biggest bouquet of flowers, some cards and mini eggs!  Just so thoughtful and who doesn’t like flowers. I seriously think there is a trend here with all the chocolate and booze….fatten me up why don’t you!

Had a lovely catch up with Donna at work, bless her, didn’t know my situation and she said to me you look tanned. She does now. You see others don’t see what you see about yourself. I am feeling so unattractive at the moment it’s really tough for me. Had a great catch up and goss with my work wife Debbie too!  Some touching messages from Alison, Gilly, Karen, Isabelle, Chrissypoo, Norma, Pammy, Nicki, Honor, KJ, Sue, Loraine and Rob, Louise Gibson, Amanda PT, Claire, Bella and Jamie. Diane I am wishing you a speedy recovery from your Op and hope you are back on your feet in no time (doesn’t mean straight back to the office!) All of you and so many others rock and it really means the world to me that you are fighting my corner. Now the weekend can begin. X



  1. Goodness me my dearest pal, what a day !!!. So pleased all under control and you will get to be with Nathan for the wkend. Knowing what u r having to deal with puts my possible injection into the eye into perspective. Have been advised I have fluid build up behind my retina in left eye which is affecting my vision. Returning to hospital in July for decision. Getting old Markypoo. Love you and continue to pray daily. Xxx

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  2. Glad I was there with you Mark today and so happy everything is back to normal… I will always be there for you (I know you know that)… even if I was doing a bit of work, lol… I learned from the Best! YOU! And thanks for lunch, it was Lush and Fab 😉 All the staffs at LOC are just amazing and they all love you so much! Feels good to know my Best friend is so well looked after at LOC… Wishing you and Nathan a fabulous weekend! xx

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    1. Well who would say no to a day out on Harley Street?? We like a little bit of celebrity big chemo brother in our lives! Thanks for being my support yesterday I really was thinking this is not good and in the end all ended up being ok. They can try but they won’t get me! Great weekend to you and Mr J too XX

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  3. What the hell????? I don’t message you for one day and you end up in the hospital?? Lol so glad you have the great support system around you that you do, take care my dearest Mark and rest up and get well soon. Love you, hugs and kisses from across the pond! ❤❤❤ XXXX Karen

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    1. Exactly lol! Well at least at the LOC and not had to stay in, so in the end I was better than they imagined! I was told you don’t look ill at all, great colour etc. I’m like fuck me! Why have you dragged me in then? For a giggle with the nurses and some Domestos in a drip! Love you and thanks for being there XXX Mark


  4. Omg Mark what an awful day for you. I have only just picked this up as we have hardly any signal on phones back at the caravan!!! Hope your feeling better and enjoying the weekend with Nathan and sending you lots of love from us both. Please look after yourself and take care hope to see you at gym next week if your up to it. 😘😘xxxxxx

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    1. Hey Pammy it was certainly a surprise to me too haha! Hope you are enjoying caravan time the weather is certainly perfect for it. I am better today still not back where I should be but hopefully will be after a lovely relaxing weekend with Nathan and Bentley. XXXX Mark


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