Well the time has come where not only will I feel like a cancer patient I will now start to look like one. Don’t take me the wrong way, I just mean it’s not been obvious until now. This 2nd CHOP has most definately done the job it says on the box. The nurses all told me around 3 weeks and they couldn’t have been more accurate. Alas I am not going to be one of those rare lucky ones who keeps their hair through these sessions of ‘body pump’ with obviously hideously strong meds. They must be doing their job as they kill all the good things too!

It all started 2 days after my last session and I was just a little in shock when in the shower and washing my hair and I ended up with more of it in my hands that on my head. It’s then you think well I’m gonna have to get the hats out for sure. I’ve always been into hair, had every style, long and short, permed, blond and straightened too. I have spent a fortune over the years on my fucking hair. I am certainly going to save money now 😉 Luckily I am engaged to a very talented stylist and today we decided we should cut our losses and cut it quite short. Nathan is my hero, because he just doesn’t see anything wrong with me. I have never met anyone like him.

Nathan cutting my hair – whats left of it lol

Having taken a few days post chemo to recover it was great to head back to Cardiff and of course Nathan had to get back to work. His clients must really love me right now, as he always manages to get some time away when I need him the most. I even cooked dinner for the boy for a few nights for a change (well M&S did lol) He is the one normally cooking  for me. A few long walks in the park with Bentley as well, blows away the cobwebs, until Bentley destroys the ball he is supposed to be catching, and I’ve only brought one.

You see you wake up every day not knowing exactly how you are going to feel. No two days are the same. I have seriously cut back on the anti nausea meds as they really don’t work for me and I really don’t feel I need them. So many pills to take as it is, and more steroids….yes the hunger came back. Hungry all day. Fatty boom boom is back! Not to mention I start my 5 days of injections tomorrow, now that’s something to look forward to! Yikes!

I feel like I am so boring at the moment and hoping Nathan is ok with the fact I am alseep by 730pm on the sofa. I mean I am bad normally but I don’t even manage 1 episode of The Crown without dozing off and I love that series! We have managed to finish that series and Grace & Frankie. On to House of Cards, better late than never.

17796660_10155135983916091_4808745549204779885_n (1).jpg
All about the blue (get used to the hat look!)

Saturday was nice and we walked Bentley and stopped off for a Bacon Roll from the Farmers Market on the way back. It has been ages since we had one of those, nothing compares to them. At least I will be able to taste it. I wanted to mix things up a little and suggested dinner out and Nathan said let’s do Cote Brasserie. We couldn’t get a table at our regular venue at Cardiff Bay so decided to book at the Mill Lane venue. That was a mistake, service poor, food was not up to standard some of it even poor quality. No one enjoys paying over £60 for food that is mediocre. Long story but ended up emailing them and letting them know it’s just not acceptable. They are good as they have invited us back for a free dinner, but we will not be visiting Mill Lane. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

On Sunday the weather looked even better and we ended up at barribados with the lovely Louise, Princess Amée and Bentley, all in our new family car haha! Can you believe me with a baby seat in the car and a bed in the boot for Bentley lol. How things change right? Beach day it was, glorious sunshine and fun for all the family. Then a nice Sunday Roast dinner at the Captain’s Wife. Spring really does make you feel hopeful. It really lifted my spirits, exactly what was needed.

Today it was time to head south and it was a smooth traffic free drive back home. Popped round to see Denis and Jeremy and show them the new family car haha! Test drive time, I think they are looking for something similar. Toys for boys!

Tomorrow it’s back to work, hopefully the gym too, if I am feeling it at 530am lol. Also having a visit from Captain Chris Thalhammer tomorrow as well. Will be good to catch up as it’s been awhile. Got to run now almost time for dinner on FT with my boy. X

Support for the fight



  1. My dearest Marky Have just read yr latest blog and am so very proud of you. Your attitude and determination to challenge and win your battle with cancer is exemplary. Have so much admiration and hope for you. With love. Chrissypoo

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  2. Hair, no hair…you are still gorgeous my dearest Mark because your beauty radiates from your soul. I’ve known you for over 30 years and your inner joy and strength shines thru anything that cancer can try to change. You are incredible my dear! Love from across the pond. XXX ❤❤❤ Karen

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    1. Hey Karen thanks for the vote of confidence ❤ I’m still grateful for everything life has brought me. I looked at my face in the mirror tonight and I didn’t realise how hair defines a face. Not really payed much attention before lol. Love you loads 😘😘 Mark


  3. Sending you big hugs, you’re still as handsome as ever XX
    I am on House of Cards too, about to start series 3…Another epic box set is The Affair, gorgeous blokes in that one (have watched all 3 series twice ha ha )

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  4. Hey Mark you could never be boring or not look gorgeous. Great to see you at the gym this morning you smashed it !!! 💪 Bless you your so strong and upbeat. You still make me smile reading your blog even thought it’s a very sad situation.
    Loving the new family car 🚗 It suits you 😃 Love you to bits xxxxx

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