Strange old day yesterday with Nathan and I waking up super early and getting to the train station to find out there wasn’t a single car park space to be had! I guess you need to be super early right, like WTF. So back home we went and called a cab and we still just make it back to catch our 0741 train πŸ˜ƒ

This was my round 2 of CHOP chemotherapy and Nathan and I were headed back to the LOC on Harley Street. When we checked in with reception they tell us they are only expecting us tomorrow. Β  Well I knew about the change of date Dr Marcus had requested ages ago from 29th to 28th. Danielle the receptionist is so lovely and Anette who we call the angel was also on hand and they managed to squeeze me in so to speak. Same room we were in the first time, just like home right lol. So lucky to have found this place and everyone who works here is so amazing, and I do know good customer service in my line of work. Computer may say no but there is always a way. Once again I have to thank Kirsty Ettrick and the LMC for hooking me up. I am forever grateful.

Nathan and I both hopped on the scales in the reception area and realised we had put on a few kilos….ooops! Too much good food and mix that with love and well this is where you end up. Oh well all fixable really, but couldn’t be happier with my fiance.

My nurse for this session was GiGi another Portuguese nurse. Great bedside manner and not hard on the eye either πŸ˜‰ Just like Fabiana from the first session, just spot on with his approach and a great sense of humour. One thing I refuse to do is be all doom and gloom whilst I am on this journey. I think your mood affects others around you and it doesn’t matter how bla you feel there is always some humour to be found. PMA all the way. Running late today it seems but we are still lucky we managedΒ  a space. Canula inserted (next time remind me to dictate the location!), bloods tested and anti sickness tablet taken and then its a waiting game so having shown up for 0900, only really got started at 12. Dr Marcus popped in to see us as well and check on how I was doing. He is one awesome guy, straight to the point, reminding me we need a PET scan after 3 sessions and then 3 more and then we can analyse whether we go down the road of a stem cell transplant. That I am trying to avoid at all costs.

GiGi’s expression when told he was going to be featured in my BLOG

My amazing friend Cynthia dropped by to visit and Nathan and I had just ordered some lunch which was lovely by way, some Lebanese mezze for me and a coronation chicken sandwich for my boy. Cynthia lives nearby and brought me a lovely gift of a Black Obsidian Stone, used to cleanse negativity and smog from your aura. These days I am on board with that type of thing and it’s amazing as I held it for a few minutes and you could feel the heat generating from it as it did it’s thing. People rock at times like this, and Cynthia wanted an arm band too to wear during my fight. This is one fight I am going to win!

This is what we say to Cancer!

Same routine with all these lovely drugs being injected into me. It’s strange just like last time I didn’t feel a thing and it really is just a long time spent wiaitng for each to be administered. Once done we are on our way home again. Thora and Una have already arrived from Italy and are having a nap when we arrive. Thora had the pleasure of meeting Bentley on arrival and she said he was just staring at them, like who are these ladies haha! Ah they didn’t know Bentley is only really interested in boys and boys who feed him πŸ˜‰ We had a lovely time catching up and Nathan put on a Greek spread for them with Greek salad, maninated chicken on the BBQ, roast potatoes and some awesome sundried tomato, black olive and feta cheese muffins…devine. Love that he is a great cook. Accompanied along with some Gavi wine (not for me as I can’t taste the shit at the moment – I needed something with a little more bang!) Thinking about it I have known Thora and Una since 1993 and the Air Atlanta days. You see Thora owned the company and was my mentor for many years. Una and I worked so closely together as well and have travelled together extensively. Great memories and 14 tears with Air Atlanta. I really owe them a lot in regards to my professional development. A few hours later with their arm bands on we dropped them off to catch their flight back to Iceland in the family car lol. Busy day indeed and I must say we were both exhausted from the early start and the rest!

Windy day at Tilgate Park

Our weekend too was awesome and Bentley arrived on the train with Nathan to be greeted with the new wheels! Bentley’s new bed was in ready in place in the boot and he was straight in there, along with the safety harness we have installed. It even looked like the car belonged to him lol. Plenty of walks in Tilgate Park. Can you believe I have lived her in the area for over 17 years and I have never had the pleasure?! They even have a lake there, it’s massive and it’s literally on my doorstep. I guess I never really had a reason to go there. Sunshine all weekend and we even managed to sit out on the terrace and take in the rays along with a tipple.



On Saturday afternoon we had a visit from Diane and Steve. It was lovely to see them both and for them to finally meet Nathan. I got the cosmos going as per normal and we put the world to right for a few hours. You know who you can count on in times like this. Diane is our HR Manager at work but we have become good friends outside work too. It means the world to me to have met someone like her. Like many other is my life I am blessed to have met some many awesome people and it’s at time like this you realise it.

I managed quite a few gym sessions this past week and weekend as well, great sessions with Bernie and I must say it really helps me stay grounded. Got to love a heavy weight session to kick you in the ass. Nathan even managed a swim. Apart from that we had good meals and plenty of cuddles on the sofa catching up with Grace and Frankie, season 3 on Netflix as well as some movies, one which got the tears flowing for Nathan, bless him – Great movie the 2nd Best Marigold Hotel, a must see!

Couldn’t sleep past 6 am this morning so I am getting the blog done and then we are heading to Cardiff for some recovery time. The next few days are going to be meh so no better place to be than with my boy at our gaff there. Will keep on top of work and take care of Bentley while Nathan gets back to work tomorrow and Friday. The it will be back to work next week for a few days. I will also need to start those fucking injections again on Tuesday for 5 days, what joy!

So many messages from friends, Debbie, Bella, Pammy, KJ, Denis, Jamie, Nicki, Natalie, Sue, Pascale, Bernie, Kirsty, Frankie, Lana, Tink the Belle, Isabelle, Quirky Girl, Lorna, Monica, Chrissypoo and Gilly. Great FT catch up with Karen, my ring leader. Kj who is in New Zealand sent me a picture with her arm band on and I am including it here. Such enormous support for this flight of mine. Love you all. X



  1. Hi Mark your doing amazing !!!!! So proud of you your always still smiling πŸ˜ƒ Loving the new haircut? GiGi looks wonderful to have as a nurse 😜 I thought that was Tilgate you were at we love it there with the kids it’s their favourite place . The car looks like it was made for Bentley he looks so at home 😍 Have a good journey to Cardiff and hoping you won’t feel to Meh. Look forward to seeing you at the gym next week πŸ’ͺ will miss you at body attack tomorrow . Sending you both lots of love from keith and Myself. 😘😘xxxxx


    1. Hey Pammy well I am doing the best I can and need to keep smiling no matter what! Hair started falling out this morning so that was inevitable with the 2nd treatment. No new haircut its just short lol! Love Tilgate its great for Bentley and good exercise for us too! Here in Cardiff now nice easy quick drive in the Bentleymobile πŸ˜‰ Will miss you too but back on Tuesday for CT class and the rest. Can’t wait to feel better next week. Not bad today, better than last time. Love from both of us to both of you. XXX


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