Another great weekend in Cardiff with my awesome fiancé last week. Lots of work on the garden, mainly Nathan of course lol, he has the green thumb not me! He really knows how to make it all look lush. Hence he did mine a few weeks ago too 😉 so I am not complaining. Nathan also had a few clients over for hair and I played tea bitch as normal. He has great clients who come from near and far and have been loyal to him for years. We also had a lot of wedding talk as a new client came over to trial her wedding hair for her wedding in September. She was super sweet and her hair looked amazing, Nathan is magic!

Got to love cuddles with my boys!

We had a great time as always and we have a new neighbour 2 doors down as we quickly found out. Her name is Heidi and she almost looks like a polar bear! I swear she is huge. She is lovely and friendly. Heidi just jumps over the wall and through the neighbours garden and pops over to say hi to Bentley. Hilarious 🙂 Heidi even ended up in the house having a look around. Now she keeps coming round cause she thinks its just normal. Love it!

Meet Heidi! ❤

I have been struggling to feel 100% after my 4th CHOP session. This stomach bug has been a tough one, a hard one to shake. Almost 2 weeks of this and really it takes a lot out of you, literally 4kgs! I had gained 7 so not a bad thing really, have to thank my blessings 😉 Hopefully I have turned the corner and just in time for No 5 next week. Yikes! I am so missing the gym but have managed 2 days this week. Pammy thanks for dragging me to Body Attack! Not! I also need to thank Bernie for helping me to push on through our workout. Can’t wait to be back to my regular routine and get super fit again. I want my energy back!

This week I managed to meet the arrival of the Black Pearl up in Stansted with Denis and help prep for the next trip which is the Four Seasons Culinary Discoveries. This will be an interesting and challenging trip for our crew.  Seoul – Tokyo – Hong Kong – Chiang Mai – Mumbai – Florence – Lisbon – Copenhagen – Paris. It was great to see the inbound crew too and it had been some time since I had managed to do so. Plenty of smiles and hugs from Lana, Natalie, Kate, Alejandro, Lauren, Hayley, Kerrie, Viv along with Chef Scotty Linden, Seany, Russ, Jonny, Bill, Mike and AK. Colette was also along for the last sector from Marrakech on a standards check and all went well, not that I had an doubt. I think she enjoyed being back in the air and mucking in with the crew. Our crew rock and no matter what you have to work with, it’s always about the people. The guests adore our crew too so they keep coming back for more. Like you have to love people who will pay $140,000 for an Around the World trip, and even request certain crew members to be on the next trip they book (or they won’t book!) That’s really special and is proof of my philosophy on the fact that your experience is based on how well you are taken care of.

More tests this week up in London included an Echogram and an ECG, I am so used to the tests now, and more blood of course! I am like a pin cushion lol. Didn’t have to see Dr Lyon as he was in another hospital so we decided on a phone call follow up that evening. News is in and all good with my heart, no need to see him again for 3 months. He was very happy with my results. Not that I was worried but the treatment can affect the heart along with so many other things as I am learning.

I was really touched last week when I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Maxine and the team at TAG Bahrain. As well I received a lovely hamper from my dear friends Lyndy, Pilar and the team at Absolute Taste. You really know how to make a boy feel good. ❤

Beautiful flowers from our ACE Bahrain team ❤
A beautiful hamper from Lyndy, Pilar and the team at Absolute Taste ❤

How sunshine and warm weather changes everthing. This week we have been blessed with some amazing weather and hopefully it will last throughout the bank holiday weekend. I think today will be the warmest day of the year so far 26C. And it’s only May. We normally have lots of rain, welcome to the UK! lol

The week started off with the tragic events at Manchester and it really makes you think that your own problems are insignificant compared to what these people have been dealing with. So sad and yet a sign of the times. There are some crazy fuckers out there and it’s so hard to believe they can act as they do. Innocent people, many very young, going about their daily lives.

Nathan arrives this evening with Bentley and we will host a lovely BBQ tomorrow evening with some of our friends. Cynthia was so lovely to get us some Argentinian Beef and we are looking forward to sharing that bad boy together. Nice chilled weekend before treatment on Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone who checks up on me and to all of you who follow my blog. I really am grateful for all the love ❤

Have a fab weekend!



  1. You inspire me every day Mark. Your honesty, strength, determination and sense of humour shows in everything you do and in the blog you write. Thank you for giving so much through your journey, you are an example of how to live life when life isn’t always going as planned….MUAAAAH XXX ❤️❤️❤️ love you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen just appreciate that have your support through this journey of mine. I can’t think of any other way of dealing with it. Life never goes as planned and you are living proof of that too. Love you dearly. ❤ ❤ Mark XX


  2. Mark, we were so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time, following your fourth chemo session. Nathan has kept us up to date with your news. However, somehow you still manage to work and go to Body Attack – you are truly amazing!! You have been so very strong and positive throughout all this. Soon it will be all over and you will quickly start feeling yourself again. You and Nathan have so much to look forward to. Enjoy the Bank Holiday and the BBQ – the Argentinian beef sounds awesome. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and good wishes. Mon, Reg & the girls xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Monica thanks for keeping up with my journey and I really appreciate your lovely words of encouragement. I am trying to make the best of a bad situation. We do have a lot to look forward to and can’t wait to start feeling 100% so we can get planning. Lots of love to you all. ❤ Mark XX


  3. I feel truly blessed to have met you Mark, you truly are so wonderful inside and out ☺️ following your journey through your blog is so inspiring, your next step should be to write a book, it would become a best seller for sure 👍🏻your positivity, humour and charm should be admired by all! Oh and I think you need lots of gold stars ✨ for being the most amazing human. I blooming love you 💙 Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Donna I could say the same for meeting you! Things happen for a reason I truly believe that. We met for a reason. Thanks for the support and positive vibes it means a lot to me. You are making me blush! Lots of love to you ❤ Mark XX


      1. Blush away gorgeous one ☺️ Blush away 💋 Destiny can’t be messed with hey, people meant for us never pass us by! Lots of love and hugs right back at you xx

        Liked by 1 person

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