I never realised how much a dog can impact your life. Having grown up with a family dog I was familiar but it’s different when you have direct responsibility for their care. My folks used to care for the family pet and I wasn’t around that much either during those years either.

This is different and something very special. I never thought I would really bond with a dog and having been single for some time it was not really an option for me to have one. Enter Bentley. Now here is a character, handsome, loving, lush, playful, loyal and above all, he knows something is not right with me. Bentley knows.

Bentley even has his own Instagram Account! @_bentleyboo2_

This past week I spent a lot of time with Bentley, taking him out in the Bentleymobile, then for walks, playing ball, but he was also keeping me company!  Nathan was busy working and I feel like I hardly saw Nathan this past week, but then that is the normal routine, it’s me who is out of routine. I was also trying to get some work done. I am very lucky to have the support I have at work and that I can still keep on top of things without being in the office regularly. I do miss the team though. Work keeps you focused and sane.  How I long for normality.

I have been feeling quite rough for the past couple of days, actually since last Friday.  I was really hoping to feel good again as I have after the past chemo sessions. I guess the more of that shit they pump into you, the more your body is affected in different ways. It wears you down, fatigues you. Bless Nathan, he really does look after me and puts up with my situation. It’s not an easy one to be around a sick person all the time. I should have been back at the work and the gym today but I just can’t shake this bloody stomach bug! Constantly running to the loo lol, enough already! Nathan told me if I shit the bed it’s game over haha!

Love a family selfie! ❤

The other night Nathan and I were on the sofa watching movies and it was so strange, Bentley just came up on the sofa and layed down on me, over my stomach and legs. It’s as if he was feeling my discomfort and he was trying to heal me. He stayed there for ages and I thought to myself animals do feel on another level and know when some extra attention is needed. It was so special I have to say. It just goes to prove what you give, you get back. We love Bentley ❤

Finally gave in to being the tough guy today and called the LOC for some advice on my stomach bug. You see you don’t do anything without clearing it first. Get some Immodium haha! Pascale you were right! lol Eat bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. No fever, good, no chest infection, good! Call us again if it doesn’t clear up.

Whilst on my BRAT food shopping spree this morning I bumbed into the lovely Mel Edwards in the COOP of all places. Blast from the past and nothing changes, was lovely to catch up. Mel is a mummy now and I know that her little girl means the world to her. We all go through trials and changes but ultimately we are the same people.

Had some lovely messages from Kate S, Maxine and Lucy J in the past few days along with everyone who is supporting me in this fight. I am truly blessed to know all of you.

I look forward to being that guy I was when Nathan and I both met. How we take our health for granted sometimes. We abuse our bodies all the time (drink and the rest!) and when something like this happens you just want to be well, nothing less, nothing more.  Great words of wisdom today from my friend Diane, I need to focus on the finish line and I have every intention of doing that.

Until next time. X




  1. So sorry your treatment is making u feel so rotten. Really feel for you and think abt you lots. You are so right about looking after our bodies. This time last yr I was bed bound x 6 weeks and thereafter followed a long ankle recovery. I did it though thru determination and the fact I would win. So will you!!.. With much love always. Cpoo xxxx

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    1. Hey Chrissypoo thanks for the positive vibes. Yes through determination we get there in the end. I know you also went through a tough time and seeing how you are now is proof of having a positive mental attitude. Lots of love Markypoo XXX


  2. Hey Mark what a gorgeous family selfie photo 🤗 you were all meant to be together 😍😍 Sorry to here you’ve been suffering even more so these last few days. You are so focussed on getting through this awful time and you will soon. 😘😘😘 Sending all our love to you 😘😘😇😇xx

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    1. Thanks Pammy I think we make a great family if I do say so myself haha! Yes well have to take the bad with the good sometimes. I’m pushing on through. Love right back XX


  3. Hi Mark

    Just wanted to send you positive thoughts. Sorry you have been feeling so rotten, I hope that you are feeling a little better the last few days. . Have been thinking of you lots.
    It’s amazing what bond you can get with a dog – I really believe they are so In tune and know what is going on.
    Your positivity is amazing.
    Sending even more love & strength 💗
    Melissa xx

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    1. Hey Melissa thanks for the positive vibes I will take as much as is going. Thanks for taking the time to think of me, I’m touched by this. Sending lots of love right back to you ❤ Mark XX


  4. Hey there …. just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you!
    I am also so glad that you have Nathan and Bentley in your life! And yes, these animals are amazing and the intuition that they have … amazing!
    Love you to the moon and back my wonderful friend!

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    1. Hey gorgeous thanks for being there all the way over there! I have 2 lovely boys in my life and can’t be thankful enough. Bentley is pure gold. Love you too and hope you are feeling better too. XXX ❤ Mark


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