Check out the bluebells so lush!

Had a really great weekend and feeling more upbeat than the past week. Nathan was back down south with our Bentley <3. A really great walk at Cowdray Woods on Saturday followed by operation clean up the garden. It was well overdue and thanks to my amazing better half who has this under control – green thumb and all. Cleaning and prepping for planting and some nice changes too! We even had a great BBQ and sat outside for a change. Yum love a BBQ.

IMG_1501.JPG-1 2.jpg
As you can imagine Bentley was all excited, and Nathan too! 😉

Sunday was an early start and off to Tilgate Park to meet the lovely Emma Mair and her dog Haggis. We had such a wonderful morning catching up on everything from our passion for dogs, catering and wedding planning. Emma even brought a gift of some treats for Bentley. You meet people for a reason and sometimes you just don’t appreciate them enough. Thank you Emma for being the amazing person you are <3. Part 2 of the garden and well I must say it looks amazing now. Bring on the summer. A huge Sunday roast to round up the day and time to chill on the sofa with the boys.


So here we go, Monday was my 4th CHOP Chemo session and I hardly slept the night before as subconsciously I must have been thinking about the results of last week’s PET/CT scan. Funny how the mind works even when you have no recollection of it. Off to London, very early start, yes Mr Pithers! 741 train to Victoria and on the tube to the LOC on Harley street. Today we had the lovely Roberta from Hungary looking after me. And she did that very well, so efficient and caring. I was still thinking this must be good as the treatment meds were exactly the same as the last 3 sessions, meaning no need for any change…. So I was going to find out the finer details later as I had an appointment with Dr Marcus after my Chemo.

Waiting to head into CHOP

A lovely visit from Cynthia who came bearing lots of Argentinian meat from our favourite butcher on Connaught street. I mean lots lol and some empanadas as well for lunch. Lush. Thank you for my new stone for re-energising and all the love and support. It means the world. My other visitor was none other that Kirsty Ettrick from the LMC. Love this girl, she is so passionate about the care her patients receive and I know I have said this before but I am blessed to have met her through Debbie. Thank you Kirsty ❤ It really has made a huge difference. So my chemo goes on throughout out this and as usual a relatively painless session (except for when the canula is removed, ouch!) A quick session today, relatively of course, almost 4 hours!

The lovely Roberta doing her thing

Time to head upstairs and meet Dr Marcus and hopeful for some great news. After a short wait in the waiting room it was our turn to go in. Dr Marcus was just ahead of us climbing the stairs and said its great news. I said really? He said yes, come in and lets talk. My PET scan was completely clear so this is called being in remission. We crack on with the next 2 CHOP sessions as planned. Luckily I have an amazing Dr and he has just come back from a conference in NYC last week where he learned of something new. There is a test they can conduct on the lump they removed from my neck to see whether I would be eligible to have localised radiotherapy at the end of all this instead of the dreaded stem cell transplant. It’s all very medical and technical and I won’t go into too much detail and don’t bloody understand most of the terminology haha. Now he is on the hunt to find the sample as they keep these things forever we are told and it was done in another hospital but luckily he know the Dr who reviewed if from the Marsden. There is at least some options at this point. All going to the right direction! Next CHOP is on the 30th of May so all prayers and positive vibes welcome.

Was time to head back home and pack and get ready to drive to Cardiff for some rest and relaxation. We packed up the Bentleymobile and Bentley of course and set off to our other home in the country. It’s so great not being alone during a time like this. Nathan takes good care of me and is soo pleased with the good news we received. The next few days are always the worst after the Chemo, at least that’s how I find it. All this pills. literally I am rattling lol.

It’s Monday and I am going to get some work done today and for the next few days and will take Bentley our for nice walks in the park. No matter how shit you feel it really does the trick to get out there in the fresh air and blow away the cobwebs! Will get some errands done and get some food in to make my boy a nice healthy dinner. He works long days and I really feel for him, he will most probably need a food rub and a glass of wine when he gets in.

Thanks to all of you for following up with messages, FT, Whats Apps, emails. I am really grateful for the support. Brad, Pascal (thanks for taking care of Bentley yesterday <3), Natalie B, Denis, Rich H, Debbie, Diane F and Di B, Chrissypoo, Rich H, Loraine and Rob, Yvonne, Monica and the girls, Tarnia, Sue A and Sue D, Bernie, Chris the Hammer, Norma, Pammy, Tommy, Laetitia, Serap, Bella and Dave, KJ, Nora, Donna, Alex, Jamie, Honor, Mandie, and my amazing crew too! ❤ Apologies if I miss anyone out, its’ not intentional. I feel all the love. We are winning this fight.

Until next time X

Bentley loves his new patch in the garden!








  1. Oh yes – knew the positive energy vibes would help. So pleased about yr good news. Keep going Markypoo the END is within reaching distance. Continue to pray. 💙💙

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  2. Oh Mark that is such good news I am soooo very happy for you👏👏 🤗I know you still have some way to go but it’s great to hear that the treatment is working and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. A great part of that goes to your positivity and keeping up beat we are so proud of you. Enjoy your rest in the country with your wonderful family love you loads and see you soon 😘😘😘😘😍🍸🍾xxx

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    1. Hey Pammy I so appreciate you contract support and love. Some way to go yet but one thing I know is that I have access to the best care out there through the LMC and I am grateful for that. See you next week back in the gym! We will smash it. Love Mark XX


  3. We are delighted to hear the good news. Soon all this will be behind you and you can focus on your holiday, the wedding plans and all the fabulous times you have ahead of you. Stay strong, you are nearly there. Lots of love Mon, Reg and the girls. xx

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    1. Dear Monica, thanks for always following and reading the blog. It’s my way of putting it out there and sharing good and bad times with everyone close to me. I can’t wait to put it all behind me and move on with our lives, as you say a wedding to plan and great times ahead for this family. Love to you all. XX Mark


  4. This is such good, positive news, thinking of you every day as you fight this battle. Completely admire your strength and courage ❤️XxX

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    1. Hey my lovely Isabelle yes some good news goes a long way. I am determined to eradicate this shit, so onwards and upwards! Thanks for the support and love ❤ xx Mark


  5. Hey Markie!! That’s wonderful news👍🏼
    I’m sending out positive vibes and of course in my prayers… you’re looking good(as usual 🙄…nothing stops you!)
    Love you😘Kisses to your beau🤗

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    1. Hey Maria yes it is great news, not out of the woods but I can see the trees! Thats for the love and support through this. Thanks for the compliment and will send kisses to Nathan and they will come back to you! ❤


  6. Yay!!!!! This is the most fabulous news 😃you’re such a fighter and inspiration to us all. I’m so proud of you and your determination Mark! I know it’s not over yet, but I have every faith in your good spirits, and all the love and endless support around you will get you to the other side. Bring on the wedding 🥂Xx

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