Hard to believe we are already in May. (not to be confused with Theresa May!!) Time passes so quickly and spent a lovely weekend down south with Nathan. We managed a few lovely walks with Bentley,  a nice one to Tilgate Park with Pascale and wasn’t feeling so great on Sunday so didn’t manage to meet up with the lovely Emma Mair as planned. Nathan’s bestie Amanda PT was over for a visit too on Sunday. My boy managed to cook us up a lovely dinner and let’s just say they managed a few sherries lol unfortunately I am not up to having as many drinkies as I used to. Don’t really even enjoy it that much at present. Everything changes when you are on chemo. I am trying to come to terms with that, but one thing I know, no matter what they throw at me, I am going to win the battle!

Impromtu Lunch at Smith & Western with the lovely Pascale ❤
Love ❤ these 2!











Back to work this week on Tuesday with Denis preceeded by CT class bright and early with Pammy and Norma. We were missing some of our normal suspects, Bella and Nicky. Bella and Dave are off in Ibiza enjoying the sun and Bernie and Tony also in Spain this week, makes me want a holiday, but it will have to wait for now. Work was busy so it was a long day but productive. It really tires me out being in the office, but I do need it to remain focused and do normal stuff. Laetitia was in to meet with me as she just bagged a new job on a jet, always happy to see good people succeed. Great catch up with the work wife Debbie as well. We need to find her a good man! I want her to find what I found of course, ‘the one’

I have been feeling a bit under the weather since Friday last week and constantly checking my temperature. Like obsessively! Another chest infection brewing….WTF. I mean I was never really ill before all this started, now I am just one thing after another. I didn’t go to work last Friday as planned as the last thing I needed was to be in a room full of people all day in a training course. It’s one thing to be at your desk but I can’t take the risk of catching anything else right now. If you listened to the doctors you would never go out haha!

Today I decided to have a lie in as I had my PET/CT scan scheduled at 1130 at the Platinum Medical Centre at the Wellington Hospital in London. Well when I woke up I really didn’t feel great at all. Checked my temperature and I was like 38.5 and that is above the 38 which causes everyone to go into panic mode. I called the LOC and spoke with one of the doctors, Jo. Told her I was actually not bad but just wanted to run things by her. I didn’t want to miss out on my PET scan either. So they arranged for me to have my bloods checked etc at another branch of the LOC right after my scan, which is based at the Platinum, how convenient right!?

This is the PET/CT scanner….I am so well trained now after round 3!

Once again the staff are awesome, everyone I met today was really amazing and dedicated to giving the best care. I am really in awe of how well I am being treated. I always manage to keep my sense of humour intact as well. My nurse getting me set up for the radioactive tracer made me laugh, she was from South Africa and she said you are the perfect patient, you don’t even bleed lol! I am partial to the South Africans and the Ozzies they are everywhere and love to banter with them. I even managed to grab a snooze while havaing to wait for about an hour for the tracer to make its way through my body.

Scan over and I am off to the LOC around the corner. There I am greeted by Amy one of the nurses (Irish – love em!) and my temperature is totally normal, and I look well apparently! Go figure. More blood is drained from my other arm, I mean this is so routine now, I am really like a pin cushion! In any case I am seen by a doc and a doc in training. We do like a crowd! haha! I need more antibiotics it seems. My blood is good, great news, but need to wait for additional results for another 30 minutes. Bearing in mind I was not allowed to eat until the scan as over (only water) I am Fungry at this point! (Fucking Hungry). Time to set off home after a long day in world of cancer care, making a pitt stop at McD’s! Time to re-fuel 🙂

Back to work tomorrow after a Body Attack session just for good measure. Looking forward to the weekend, Nathan is back south again on Friday night. Hopefully we can do some work in the garden if the weather allows. Not sure when the results of the PET will be in but most probably I will find out on Monday, which will be my 4th session of CHOP. I will be seeing Dr. Marcus as well on Monday so let’s pray for some good results and crack on with the rest of this treatment. I am growing tired of it and all the side effects.

Thanks to all of you as always for the lovely messages of encouragement. Had some messages from KJ, Natalie Shaw, Natalie Bowen, Chrissypoo, Bella and Dave, Donna, Kirsty, Sue Adair, Yvonne, Colette and many others. I am truly blessed. I would like to especially thank my rocks Denis and Bernie and of course my one and only Nathan. I can’t imagine what it’s like for him. X

Family Portrait ❤



  1. Crikey Mark that was a busy day. Didn’t realise you had scan planned today. Sorry to hear you are feeling even more poorly and back on the antibiotics !!! You are such a fighter we are so proud of you and thinking and praying for you constantly. Love you loads xxxx


    1. Hey Pammy it was a last minute appointment and they wanted Thursday and I need to work Thurday so I got one for today! I will see you bright and early for Attack haha! XX Love ya XX


  2. Hello you, me yet again. So so pleased all good with bloods and u are feeling less groggy. Am being positive for you regarding PET scan results. Wristband remains in situ and always with me as a support mechanism for you. Good vibes beaming their way to you!!!!! 😚😙😚😙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Chrissypoo thanks for all the positive vibes and for being part of my support team. It means a lot. Did BA this morning was tough but Ems class is best. Love to you ❤


  3. You are so graceful and regal about our your day Mark, as I become exhausted by even reading about – much love and light from the autumn Ozzie morning ❣️💕💗💞💖😘 I wish I could Astro travel there right now 💓💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey lovely Leena it’s really ok when you have amazing people taking care of you, it does make a difference. I wish you cold be here too! ❤ Love to you XX


  4. You truly are inspirational Mark, despite everything you’re going through your witty character continues to shine through 🌟 I’m so proud of you and your will to fight and win this battle 👊🏻 You will show it who’s boss I know it 😘 I’m so happy to see you out and about enjoying life with Nathan and Bentley 💙🐶 you make the cutest little family 💕 Keep shining bright Mark we are all behind you Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Donna, I hope that somehow if anyone, god forbid, has to deal with this shit they can see what it is really like, what it does to you. There is no option not to win and you are right, I have a great family to make plans with. Lots of love and thanks for following XX


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