Well I guess my last blog entry was a bit of a downer really but the week did get better as it went along. I managed a few days of work and couple of sessions at the gym too. I was really missing Nathan as only saw him briefly the previous weekend and came home early. I really want to thank him for being the amazing husband to be, he gets me and handles all of this so well, I am really amazed at times. I really am a lucky boy.

Waiting for the train to London for CHOP no 6

Pammy dropped by on the Monday and brought a beautiful bunch of flowers and some sweeties ❤ so sweet and thoughtful. I was very touched.


The lovely Kirsty (my angel) from the LMC was in touch and called me to tell me about a production company she had met in conjunction with ITV that were working on a pilot programme and she felt my story would be of interest. Not that I am keen on these sorts of things but at this point in my life I am willing to give anything a go lol. On the Tuesday I received a call from Emma Smith from Flicker Productions TV and we hit it off straight away on the phone. Go figure she is from Cardiff originally, after me mentioning that my fiancé was Welsh!  As if written in the stars. She asked loads of questions and I did my best to answer them all, I do love to talk sometimes haha! So we made a date to meet in London to take things further.

Thursday morning and it’s time to meet Emma in person. Venue is the Grosvenor Hotel at Victoria Station in the lounge for tea and cakes, how very civilised! 🙂 We connected instantly. We talked candidly about a lot of things and of course about my story. I really enjoyed the dialogue and then came the question of whether I was free the next day to be interviewed and filmed at my place. Tomorrow I asked? I remember pausing a little and then saying fuck it why not! Just a little nervous, I think so!

My turn to snap Emma and Felipe
Love Emma ❤

So it’s Friday afternoon and the team rock up at my door with all their camera equipment and as soon as they saw the garden that is where they decided we would film. I was getting more and more nervous but chatting with Emma and Felipe instantly calmed me down, for a while that is lol. Until it was time to start and then at the first question I just went blank, duh! Stop I said let’s do this again haha! After the initial shock I think I did ok, hard to tell when you can’t watch it back either. I think maybe I said too much and then after remembered there was stuff I forgot to mention. I was all mic’d up as well, it was a very different sort of experience. Well a lot of new experiences of late so why not? If I can handle Cancer I can handle anything right?!

They also introduced me to the Go-Pro they would be leaving me with to film anything and everything over the coming days and weeks. A bit like a VLOG sort of thing. Taking things to another level from Blog to Vlog! haha! 😉

Once the job was done I decided to invite them for a glass of wine which was perfectly suited to the lovely weather and it’s great to be outside in the garden. Their job was done so why not. We talked about so many things, the General Election, the Glenfell fire, London life, London dating, House sharing, and Tindr haha! It was a great time and it’s great to connect with some guinely lovely people. They really didn’t want to go home and I felt the same. Think they will want to come back for a BBQ! As well I always feel the best when I am just about to start the next chemo session. That one good weekend before it all begins again. Dreading the thought if I am honest.

Nathan and Bentley were only able to come down on the Saturday afternoon as Nathan had clients booked in morning and I was feeling like I hadn’t seen him for ages. His train couldn’t get here quick enough. I need my boy with me and need some cuddles, sticky ones it seems with this nice warm weather! We had a nice BBQ and spent the evening outside, it was so amazing.


Love that face! ❤

We went shopping on Sunday to try and get a pool for Bentley as temperatures are in the 30’s and he has a fur coat on haha! We looked in a few places and we ended up not finding a pool but coming home with other shit like a wine cooler for the table outside and a firepit lol! Gay boy problems! Once home I searched the internet and managed to get a pool from ebay and have it delivered for Tuesday. Result. Now we just needed a bag of balls and we are set to go. Who do you think will have more fun, Bentley or us? haha!

On the Sunday night another BBQ and had a visit from the lovely Pascale for drinks on the terrace. She agreed to do some filming with the Go-Pro which was fun and relaxed. Nathan and I have been using it on and off all weekend, just seeing what we could get up to with it. Don’t know if any of it will be usable lol. We had another lovely meal outside and then I asked Nathan to make us a fire with our new firepit! Yay! That was bliss, just as the chill was creeping in, it was perfect. Quality time with my boy, I really do enjoy every moment.

The day has arrived! And he loves it! ❤

Ok now for the not so fun part its Monday and it’s time to get up real early and catch the 741 train to London for CHOP no 6. We have been there done that so it’s supposed to be routine by now. Early morning trains, standing room only, rammed with people doing the daily commute then 1000 degrees on the tube . This will be my last visit to the LOC Chemotherapy Suite. I can’t believe I have made it this far in the journey. Hook me up baby and let’s get this show on the road, it’s going to be a scorcher today so we want to get out as soon as we can. The lovely angels Deborah and Mandy are attending to me today. We ask them if ok to film this session with the Go-Pro, as long as we have permission we are told. 😉 This is a human interest story and they agree to take part. I mean it’s just a routine day for them so why not.

Mandy and I put the world to right on the latest in the general elections and the Grenfell inferno fire and that it was well time for change. Nathan is acting camera man today and trying to capture all of the fun and games lol. Then once we were done with my chemo, which always seems to take up to 4 hours it was time to head upstairs and meet Dr Robert Marcus. Today he was hitting Nathan up for a hair cut and he doesn’t have much hair to worry about lol. He said he is still very hopeful that radiotherapy will be the next step and in his opinion would achieve the same result as the stem cell transplant. Phew! I have everything crossed. PET scan is next in 2 weeks and then results the next week. All which is supposed to be filmed by my amazing crew Emma and Felipe. That will be interesting.

We made our way home after all this to find trains cancelled, delayed and I was getting very tired. We didn’t get back until 4pm. Back out to the garden was the only place we wanted to be. I was just feeling ‘meh’ but have to make an effort to enjoy the precious time we have together. Dinner outside and then to the lounge to catch up on Poldark!

We had a nice Tuesday and again we took Bentley for a walk at Cowdray woods, he really loves it there. Nice and early before it got too hot. Back home and it was time to get the pool up and running after it was delivered. We had the balls at the ready. We had and absolute blast with the Boo. Nathan’s 6pm train was cancelled and the next one was at 8pm so we had time to eat together on the terrace, it was really a ‘lush’ weekend, albeit the delays. Bless him he didn’t get home until almost 2am having missed a connection with his train being late, yet again. OMG enough. Going to be a long day at work for him today. I am feeling okish, but it’s always different every day, you never know what to expect.

Love this one ❤

Great FT catchups this past week with Cynthia, Karen and Thora. As always loads of caring and thoughtful messages from all my gang. You guys rock and thank you for always thinking of me. It will not be forgotten.

Time for me to get the pool filled up again for Bentley, I am on doggy duty this week. Woof!

I would like to leave you all with these lovely words which were sent to me by Monica Hill from my previous blog entry. So true! X





  1. Hi Mark – this is a test to see if you receive it? I have written a couple of times, but not appearing here and now concerned that you are not receiving my messages 😦

    Love and hugs

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