Hey, just me, I thought I would check in with all of you. Been just over a month since I finished my treatment and had a few follow-up appointments as well since then. I would like to apologise for using the title of Shania’s new album as the title of my latest blog, but it just made sense. It has inspired me and is deffo worth a listen. Each of us goes through our own life journey, and it ends up changing us, not just during, but forever. You can’t go back and undo everything. It’s the new you when you come out the other end.

Bernie recently joined the 50’s club, I said it would be fine πŸ˜‰

How do I feel, ok I guess, physically. I still can’t find the energy I used to have but all of you who know me (really know me lol) I’m not the patient kind. I want to run before I can walk. My hair is back, slowly but it’s back! It’s the mental and emotional shit that’s a bit harder to handle. So many people hinting that I should get some therapy. I can totally understand that but as I don’t keep my feelings inside, this blog has been my ‘therapy’. Sharing my feelings, putting them out there, talking with my friends and partner in crime, Mr Pithers <3. I will work them out one way or another. I just keep reminding myself this story has a happy ending.

Each of us goes through our own life journey, and it ends up changing us not just during the journey, but forever. My great friend Karen recently told me it’s like you are mourning the old you when you go through a life-altering experience. You can’t go back and undo everything. It’s the new you when you come out the other end. You just have to roll with it. Speaking of rolls, it’s soon time to shed some of those ‘poor me’ pounds I have put on. Just need a start date…ok I am struggling with that one now. Somehow Nathan also shared in my ‘eat your way through it’ lol. We will get back there. You can never be too thin darling, my dear friend Kata always says.

Both of my Doctors were very pleased with my results, in fact, today we were up at the LOC to meet Dr Marcus. I wasn’t sure what to expect really, more scans, more tests? Well, that’s not how it works Dr M says. He wants to see me mid-January and it goes like this, 4 times a year for the first year, 3 times the second year and 2 times the third year and then that’s it! No scans unless either of us has concerns. I do have one concern and that’s making sure this is gone for good. Fuck cancer!


Now for the good stuff, Nathan and I celebrated our No 1 and wow what a year it has been. Not sure what it would have been like without his unconditional love and patience. Yes, of course, I have a few besties by my side (and you all know who you are), but if anyone has been a rock through this he has won the award! The other one who has been so important to me, our Bentley Boo. It’s even better than having a kid πŸ˜‰

We are off to Brugge on the Eurostar next week for a few days, time to get away from all of this and just catch some chill time together. The first time we are going away since our egagement holiday to Florence in March. That seems like years ago now.Β  I am just going to enjoy everything with a new view on life. There is some serious shit going on in the world lately, so every day is a gift.


My handsome Nathan Pithers ❀


In case you are still wondering still no date for that documentary we made called ‘The Results are In” We have seen the taster tape and it’s good. Let’s just see if it’s good enough for ITV haha! I will keep you all posted, don’t worry.

Love and Light





  1. So good to read this blog! You’ll be like Goldie Locks when i get to the UK.
    Really looking forward to meeting Nathan & Bentley.
    Take Care my friend!
    Love Mandie xx

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  2. Dearest Markypoo so pleased recovery is progressing nicely. Time is a great healer and you cannot tush it!! As my ankle keeps reminding me almost 18 months on. Still trying to accept its the best its gonna get. Trauma is a bugger. Keep smiling. 😊😊

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