Happy New Year to all! Wow, the holidays came and they went and they were so busy this year. Spent most of it in Cardiff with my amazing fiancé Nathan and of course Bentley! Loads of events to attend/host. It was great but at the same time, I just wasn’t feeling myself. Still feeling low, sluggish, energy down and then to top it all off I got this horrible cold/flu bug right after New Year. As if I haven’t had enough shit in 2017, I just ended up with a little chest infection and felt like death for a few days and it seemed to take ages for the coughing to stop. Well, I was not alone, so many people are down with this or that at this time of the year. In my case, it hit me worse because I am not back to full health yet.

What I didn’t consider was the damage this treatment causes to your body and to your immune system. It was time to go and meet Dr Marcus for a follow up on the 8th of January and of course, it just reassures you to see the person who has been guiding you through this journey. Dr M says if you don’t feel like you are back to normal by July this year, only then would I be worried. That’s like a year after treatment! I thought to myself this is just fucking crazy! And Dr M also mentioned if it doesn’t come back in 2 years we should be fine…(hadn’t heard that one before) He also reiterated that his course of treatment was the right choice as far as he was concerned. I do put all my faith and trust in him. My advice to you if you are ever in this kind of situation, don’t take 1st or 2nd opinion, find someone you believe in. Take the time, think about your options and get the best care you can.


Looking so excited in the waiting room at the LOC on Harley Street


So now it’s time to kick 2018 in the ass so the diet has started. When I say diet I mean eating clean and more focus on healthy food, and of course, ramp up the gym as much as possible. I am a keen believer that it is 80% diet and 20% gym that allows you to get in the best shape. I want to shred this year. Only a few weeks in and have almost shed 3 kgs! I ballooned up to 75.6 kgs last year as I comfort ate my way through the ordeal. This morning I am 72.9 kgs so my goal is to get back to 67-68 kgs and on my diet plan I end up eating more, but that works a treat. None of these nonsense starvation diets! Regardless I still have a long way to go, but enough time before the wedding. And I want to wear all my nice suits again ;-(

It’s actually acceptable to say we are getting married next year in May. So as you can imagine, Nathan is deep in wedmin currently. Last year it seemed ages away when we booked the venue and date. Videographer booked, waiting on a photographer and checking out music bands and florists as well.  It’s an exciting time and lord no need to mention you almost need to re-mortgage a house to get married these days. Fuck me!  But hey it will be one hell of a party. My responsibility is food and beverage so have started looking into that as well. Only the best will do. And what to wear? So many things to organise, consider and plan.


This one recently spent 3 weeks with his daddy down south ❤


Nathan will be exhibiting at an upcoming wedding fayre being held at St Tewdrics house (where we will be married) at the end of February. I reached out to the owners and mentioned that Nathan was an award winning Bridal Hair Champion (Welsh and British) and would they be interested in using him as a preferred supplier. Well, that obviously went down really well, as they had not found one yet. It’s super exciting. Lot’s to prepare for that but it will be a great opportunity. I feel a few wedding hair bookings coming on. Hope that’s ok babe ;-0

Well, work is manic as ever and the problems you think you solved in 2017 just came back in 2018. I mean it’s crazy but that corporate aviation for you. Sometimes people are the problem, but hey we need people to amke it all work. Never a dull moment and sometimes it just makes you want to win big on the lottery! ha!

Next stop Rome! We are off on holiday on Monday for almost a week to the most beautiful city. Nathan has it all planned out so no doubt I will be seeing a lot of Churches and Museums! Great way to lose weight he said lol. He is my tour guide and I love to see things through his eyes, as he is so passionate about it all. We have booked a great apartment loft in a great part of the city too, so even that looks amazing. The only thing I am worried about is the food, they have amazing food, how can you resist? So I have promised myself to try and be good. Wish me luck!


Hair by Nathan Pithers

Thanks for reading me and until next time, love and light! X












  1. Wonderful to see you looking so well and happy. Never doubted this day would come. Have a wonderful holiday in Rome. Lots of love, Mon, Reg & the girls xxx

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  2. Hello my darling friend,

    6am in Australia lying in bed reading all your news.
    You’ve started your fitness regime well done you! I still haven’t started. This Monday is the day or else the maternity wear will have to come out!😂

    Have a wonderful holiday in Roma. Love to Nathanxx
    You are doing great !!!
    Love Mandie xxx

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    1. Hey Mandie Candie yes its time to get back to where I was before all this shit! I am so missing being in grteat shape so now or never! Love from all of us, me Nathan and Bentley xxxx


  3. Have a fabulous time in Rome…you both deserve it!! And forget the diet and “eat drink and enjoy” 🍕🥘🥂🍸🍹🍷🍾🍾mwah….❤️❤️😘😘😘

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  4. Hey Mark
    You look amazing !! as handsome as ever. You will soon be really fit again you have such determination. So much to look forward to again now with the wedding 🎩 plans we are so excited for you. Glad you had a fab holiday!!! Lots of love to you Nathan and Bentley from us both Xxxxxx

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    1. Ah thanks Pammy ❤ Yes a lot of work to do but it will come in time. I am determined to get back to where I was before all this started. Lot's of wedding planning going on already, it's very exciting! Love from all of us to you both XX


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