Dear Life,

Where does the time go? 1st of April today and this time last year I was probably just finishing my 2nd round of chemotherapy treatment. What a difference a year makes. These past months I have just had so many friends and colleagues tell me how well I look and albeit it’s flattering, I still don’t feel like I look if that makes sense? It’s as if my self-confidence has been destroyed and I am not the same person. I do think it changes you forever. You just have to accept and embrace the new you.

Nathan and I have had a wonderful trip to Rome and that was so needed. Still, my energy levels were not brilliant then, but we did have a great time exploring the city. More churches and museums were on my boy’s wish list and we certainly visited as many as we could in the 4 days. The highlight for me was Trevi Fountain, and yes, I did make a wish!


This was just magical ❤


We stayed in a beautiful loft in what we thought was a little ‘ghetto’ type area. Well situated for us to get around by Metro and we could even walk to the Colosseum in around 15 minutes. My poor feet lol! Well, we did indulge in the great food this city has to offer, every meal was amazing and I guess we made the right choices there too. Rome is magical and we even managed to hook up with one of my girls from work who lives there. Thank you Elaine for showing us the ‘real’ Roma ❤


The best of Roma ❤


Once we got back from our holiday it was time to get to work on getting Nathan’s wedding hair business online, getting him the recognition he deserves. He is soo talented and he has played a part in so many of his client’s special day. My dear friend Tommy helped with branding and building a website for starters and this gave me a project to focus on, instead of thinking about my own state of mind. I’m a fast learner and could eventually take on the website, build a Facebook and Instagram page.

This lead us to being invited to be a part of a Wedding Fayre which was held in St Tewdics House. This is where we will be getting married in May next year. It all made sense. Why not let everyone know how great he is on a larger scale. It was a success, 2 of his friends/clients, Louise and Sarah were on site to speak of their special day and his talents. Louise is especially gifted in the selling the award winning hair stylist, Nathan Pithers. I can still hear her giggling lol.  It’s going to be a busy year for the wedding hair business!




Speaking of weddings, we have been busy planning our own. Photographers, videographers, florists, music bands, caterers you name it, we have most everything booked now. Just the actual invites to work on now. Exciting times ahead and did I mention expensive £££ haha! Remortgage the house maybe? Oh well not like you plan to do these things more than once! All I can see is that it will be one hell of a party.

I am now concentrating on getting my beach body back, not an easy feat and almost 52 later this month. It’s working, slowly but surely. You don’t realise how much damage is caused by all the treatment. It’s a struggle I was not prepared for. Changing things up a little, I have started running a few times a week, along with my regular gym routine and classes. Best advice, be kind to yourself. I have every intention of getting back to where I was before this whole cancer journey started.

Everyone deals with their own journey in their own way. No one prepares you for how it affects your mental state of mind. That’s something very individual. Live in the moment as no one knows what the future holds. I’m taking every day as it comes.


Yoga, Bentley style! lol ❤


Thanks for reading as always.

Love and light






  1. Happy Easter my dear friend!

    You have started a new chapter in life and found the perfect partner.
    Alot has happened in the last 18 mths, you are getting your fitness back, you’re a handsome beast anyway and willbe even more so after you use Rodan and Fields skincare. 😂xxxxxxxx

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  2. Your advice to live in the moment is great… and I think Bentley is really on to something with that epic yoga pose. 😁

    Wishing you much success and peace on your continued journey to recovery. ❤

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  3. It is the start of a happy and wonderful new chapter for you, Nathan and Bentley. So much to plan and so much to look forward to together. So happy for you. Enjoy. Mon, Reg & the girls. ❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️☘️🍾🍾

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