Hey well, I just realised I last posted a blog on the 1st August. Where has this year gone? It’s speeding by so quickly, it’s the 1st of December tomorrow. Yikes, it’s almost Christmas and in no time at all, it will be May, when I will be getting married to Nathan. Thinking back to when we got engaged in March 2017 and then planning a May 2019 wedding. It seemed so far in the future. Fast forward you say!

Not a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am to be here, happy and healthy writing to you all. Of course, I am always wondering what if this shit comes back? It’s all around us if we look close enough. Cancer is really just in front of you, your spouse, your parents, siblings, friends and colleagues. 1 in 2 people will be affected. Strong ratio and very scary indeed.  So much in the news lately about how behind the UK is with Cancer care. The NHS needs to pull their socks up. As you all know I had all my treatment through private health care so once I again I am blessed to have had the best care there is available, amazing doctors and nurses. I am grateful.

My dear friend Diane who’s battle with Ocular Cancer I have written about a few times is truly a force to be reckoned with. I am amazed at how she is getting on with her life and her dedication to her job. The HR Managers never have it easy! She recently had her follow up scan and the results are in…all CLEAR! Quoting her, there will be Christmas! She will have to have scans every 6 months as this type of Cancer in so rare and is extremely aggresive. Sadly 2 of the people she met at an OcuMel UK conference have passed away very recently. It just goes to show you how fragile life is.

Well, there is always a first time for everything. Nathan my darling, loves the whole Halloween ‘thing’. He goes all out with the theme with decorating and he is damn good! He is the creative one, me Halloween blah blah… This year I agreed to attend the celebrations on the condition I was being made up by the fabulous Eve-Marie Parry, owner of The Makeup Chair U.K – It was a dinner party and I have been to plenty of those before, so the things you do for the one you love. As you can see in the picture below, it was actually good fun and I must say I like a little make-up! I think it’s going to become a ritual lol.


There’s a first time for everything! 

Nathan has been super busy with his online Wedding Hair business, in addition to his already full-on job at the salon.  He is soo talented and I am so bloody proud of him for taking this step and getting some recognition for his work other than via the workplace. Slowly but surely, you build your brand and product.  We launched in February and it’s amazing to watch it progress. Can you believe we have had 2 enquiries for the same date as ours, no can do! We have our own to think about and plan. Luckily we are dudes and don’t need to worry about our own hair, as we don’t have that much to put up 🙂 Topknot perhaps? lol




Just when you think everything is ok and improving, you get a reality check. Over 4 weeks ago I noticed a breakout on the left side of my tummy. I showed Nathan and he said probably ingrown hair etc. I thought it was very strange as I have not had anything like this before. It was quite irritating and sore and the next day I thought what if this is due to flea bites (sorry Bentley!) and I also mentioned it to Nathan. He said it’s not fleas, I reply, well I googled flea bites and it looks similar. It was only 2 days later while out shopping, I had an idea what it could be and I was googling on my phone and sure enough, I had fucking Shingles!

I sent a photo of it to Nathan (I will spare you the gory details) and he sent it on to a client of his who is a GP and she confirmed it. Bloody hell, what next?? I, of course, did the thing I always do, email my doctor and ask if this is caused by the lowered immune system after the Chemo treatment. I have struggled in general with this, but I thought with having completed treatment well over a year ago, WTF! My doctor replied with even folk with a healthy immune system get Shingles, it’s just the adult chicken pox. Painful, yeah! Nightmare actually. It’s like having open nerve endings. Nothing you can do and luckily I am almost over it. It didn’t stop me from living my life but it was like I was going through my illness all over again. It’s an age thing they say, more at risk when you are over 50. I still have 8 years of my 50’s, hope that doesn’t mean there is more like this to come. Off you fuck!



Fun times with my boys ❤

Looking forward to Christmas with Nathan, Bentley and our dear friend Karen who is coming over the pond for the holidays. We will be seeing friends and family and eating and drinking, pretty standard. No eating like that now, I am nil by mouth until 24th of December and back on my diet in early January. Got to fit into my suit after all. I had really let go the past few months having recently discovered Deliveroo, OMG, so much to choose from, delivered right to your door. Bet they are sad to see me go now 😦 I literally put on 6-7 kgs over the summer. I am back in control now, thankfully. Hitting it hard in the gym with my buddy Honor, the incredible shrinking woman! Damn, she has achieved amazing results. Hard work pays off. Inspirational indeed.

Wedding plans also all coming together, most everything is booked. We also did our food tasting with our caterers and it was great to put together a nice selection for our guests. I think we may have almost tasted everything on the damn menu. Oh well, got to be done. Invites went out and RSVP’s still coming in, so it’s all getting very ‘real’ now. The biggest badass party we have ever thrown, can’t wait. I am so chilled about it at the minute, wait until April, will I be a groomzilla!?

Well, enough from me for now. I hope to continue to be a Cancer Thriver. Huge thanks to all my dear friends and readers for the love and support as always. Sending you all positive vibes.

Until next time.

Love and light ❤






  1. Love your messages Mark, love how you write, how you make the reader feel the emotions as they follow your story. You have an honesty and realness to your writing style, it’s at times raw, honest, yet also hopeful and funny when needed. I think I see a future career for you…Can’t wait to come over for Christmas and be with you, Nathan, Bentley Boo and all the wonderful new friends I have made in my adopted country. Another year, another Christmas to make beautiful memories that will last us a lifetime! Love you xx ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Karen, I just had the urge to write and it just comes out like it is. Not sure about the future career haha! Looking forward to having you with us for the Holidays. Lots of love from us and Bentley Boo too xx ❤


  2. Hey Mark another amazing blog you made me smile through it. Glad shingles are getting better it’s very painful. So pleased for Diane and Soooo excited about your wedding 🎩 it’s gonna be a ball !!! You were made for each other !!! 💕You are one amazing man and love ya 😍😘 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for stopping by my bloggie blog. How is u? Are wedding plans in full swing? This spring needs a happy event like your wedding, so keep us posted. Best wishes and many happy returns! 🌺💕💥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey always like to read your blog! I am doing great thanks! Wedding is almost here….16 days to go, not that I am counting or anything eek! Deffo will blog once it’s done, it’s going to be amazing, can’t wait! How are you?? Big hugs and kisses ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, thanks for hugs and sending them right back to you! I am well, thank you for asking! Don’t forget to grab a little mindfulness in the days to come! Stay hydrated, centered and you will be so ready for your amazing day. I don’t know you well, but I’m so happy for you! 🌹

        Have a beautiful day, week, month, year, decade, life! 💕

        Liked by 1 person

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