Just checking in from T-15 and I’m on day 3 of 5 of my treatment. Day 1 was tough, Day 2 was actually ok, but I must admit Day 3 is a total fucker! So looking forward to Day 5 and a break! I have just started my steroids now so that should cheer me up (actually gives me the giggles and understand why they give them first!) and next is the anti-sickness before the rest of the infusions start. Some are quick like 30 mins or 60 minutes then my ‘cancer buddy’ which a huge mother of a bag which runs for 24 hours, so basically we are always together. This gives a new meaning to a bromance and you will never walk alone 😅

Honestly you really don’t even understand how the human body can take all of this treatment which my consultant refers to as ‘The Bomb’. Personally I prefer to call it ‘The Cocktail’ and speaking of that, water is getting a bit boring, but needs must! Apart from the infusions there are a multitude of pills, pills and more pills 3 to 4 times a day, I swear I rattle when I walk. Water in, water out, everything is measured, you are weighed daily OMG the change in weight with all the hydration with the infusion. 4 kgs in just a couple of days!

My cancer buddy!

Today I had the physio dude bring in a spin bike and I had a go for 15 mins, just good to do something other than take my cancer buddy for walks around the room, remember we are never apart. I’ve been left the bike for the weekend! Just imagine a shower with your buddy hanging out on the other side of the curtain going hurry up! lol! I can’t even describe the intricacies of fitting a T shirt around the PICC line and getting a special cover over that to keep it all dry. But we like to be clean of course!

My consultant, Dr Kyriakou, stopped by yesterday evening just after 8pm, it was a lovely surprise. I didn’t expect it all as you are attended to by the doctors on the ward on a daily basis. She stayed for over an hour and had a quick FT with Nathan so he could meet her and she could tell him what to expect when I come out on Sunday or Monday. I finally managed to find out the viral load from my PCR test the hospital did last week with my first attempt at checking in and it was so low I don’t want to even mention it. The Ct value was 40.0. Hospital protocol I guess but for most labs it is a negative at that level. Grrr!

Could not resist a snap of a very wet Bentley Boo

The care given by all of the doctors, nurses and assistants is amazing and I am always in awe of the dedication to their vocational roles. It’s like a drive thru in here most of the day, cleaners, meals on wheels, nurses, pharmacist, doctor and physio. Now time to chill out for the night and catch up with my handsome hubby. Work really saves my sanity can’t imagine what you would do in this place without feeling you have purpose and it’s great having my work family on Teams!

Luckily I can still work in here and that’s what keeps me sane!

Much love and A bientót xx


  1. Hi Mark
    I saw your email this morning and had missed the others. I just wanted to send you a virtual hug and tell you I think you’re amazing. I still fondly remember our early morning gym sessions full of giggles and some working out! Stay strong as always you’ll be through it soon,
    Nicki xxxxx

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