Not a great nights sleep to say the least but I don’t think I was conscious of the day ahead. Back in the gym this morning bright and early for Rob’s CT class with Pammy, Bella, Nicky and Norma and all the usual suspects. Tough class I must say and Rob teasing me with the military crawl he has planned. I say I am not scratching up my elbows again on the fucking floor, he says just wear your jacket lol! Ok sir!

Nathan messaged first thing bless him, I know he is so on top of my situation. We had a good laugh last night on FT about the 3 hour trip home from work and mr MacAir book!

You see Denis and I left the office in different cars once again at 6pm as we had different start times and started the journey home. More accidents on the road! First on the A331, we manage to squeeze by that one and then the signs showing the M25 anti clockwise with 90 minute and 2 hour delays! WTF I text Denis and say lets got the Cobham services and wait it out, at least we can grab a bite to eat (Colonel Sanders and his boys! ) and a Starbucks. We end up checking the traffic app and sit tight until about 830pm. Off we go and get home around 915pm. Long bloody day! As if the one hour commute each way is not enough on a normal day.

Once home from the gym I get inspired to go up in the loft and get the Christmas decs down, tree is up but that’s it. While I was up there decided to have a look at never never land and unbury some winter coats…there they are haha! I come down with all of it and then I struggled to get the ladder to retract properly. I just went to grab the chair to be able to get up there and sort it out and boom the ladder comes down on my head with a loud bang. OMG can anyone throw anymore shit at me right now, expecially today!  I swear someone is out ot get me. I touch my head there is blood, I grab a clean cloth and start applying pressure and get an ice pack too. It pays to be first aid trained! I can feel a raging headache coming on. The shock of it was the worst! Just typical now I’m no longer in the moood for decorating, for now lol!

Denis picks me up and we head off to the Royal Marsden Hospital (I will refer to as hotel as it looks kind of posh!) Nathan call when we are almost there, great to hear his voice and know he is with me. He had left a voice mail earlier and I think I listened to it 4-5 times.  As we approach there is an entire camera crew outside. I don’t think that can be for me is it? haha! Parking was a chore, guess a lot of people frequent this hotel. They have a great reputation. After making our way round the place to find the right ward, this did take a few attempts, we made it!  In the waiting room, mainly very elderly people waiting their turn then I rock up. How is everyone today? Not a single other person asked that question to the reception staff. I don’t know but you got to make it pleasant, mind you it’s pretty bleek looking at some of the guests. I get that.

My turn to go in, Denis is coming with, no option. Meet Cecelia a lovely nurse/technician from the Phillipines. She is lovely and a bit on the reserved side at first, until we turn on the Canadian charm and all that. She asks  all the questions, I am weighed and measured once again, just like fat club! I haven’t changed since the last 3-4 times! Your name and date of birth at least 4 times…just so they don’t fuck up with who they are testing! I also fill her in on my bump on the head…Oh my she says when did that happen lol. She explains the procedure which will require me laying still and being quiet for an hour…is that really possible with Denis and I in a room?? LOL. So now for the part I don’t like the bloody needle and then I will be injected with ‘Radioactive’ tracer. Lie still and be quiet. When she went away to check my blood sugar level (and this shit reacts like glucose etc) I am thinking this is serious nuclear medicine. She comes back with blood sugar all good and with the Tracer. That MF of a needle wrapped in yellow lead case (for her protection of course!) and then voila it’s in me, making its way all over. Didn’t feel a thing, so not a bad experience. The next hour was long and boring and my phone wouldn’t work actually no signal or internet! So much for passing the time apart from a few quiet giggles.

Next another technician a young man (also from the Phillipines – NHS outsourcing??) Great guy with lots of ink, I say nice ink, as you do haha! He says thank you. Love Filipinos actually, such kind and lovely people. So enter the room where this super high tech machine is located and it looks like something from Star Trek! Lie on the shelf, then put your arms over you head and he then covers me with a blanket, how cosy! Denis will have to leave the room for the first part which will last 2 minutes, called the CT scan (danger of radiation!) then the next part will last 15 minutes (PET scan). The shelf you lie on moves back and forth through cycles to look at your body very thoroughly. In my case from above the eyebrow to mid thigh levels. Dr’s orders it seems. They speak to you through a speaker telling you how much time is left etc and I am wispering to the machine, “nothing to see here, bugger off!” Job done! Sir you can now get changed and leave and have all the sugar you want haha! Denis and I rush straight to the vending machine and grab a snickers! I was famished at this point.

Results to be sent to my consultant, Dr Ivanov in the next day or so, latest Thursday I am told so let’s just wait a bit longer why don’t we.

Thanks for all the prayers, candles lit, well wishes, positive vibes. Messages on the blog, texts, WhatsApps, emails have been pouring in from KJ,  Pammy, Louise, Di, Pascale, Bernie, Tommy, Lorna, Zahra, Claire, Marchel, Laetitia, Fay, Gazza, Chris, Cookie, Debbie, CJ, Diane and many others. I am really moved by all this, and at the fact people get me at a time like this. Love does matter. Feel free to share my blog with those who may benefit from or simply want to follow my story.

So back to work tomorrow and be normal. Cardiff is calling a few days time, can’t wait to get back there with my boy.

Nathan I love you to bits. No matter what shit they throw at me I am gonna kick this!




  1. Mark you are an inspiration getting through this with such a sense of humour it keeps me smiling even though I am sad to read and see all that is happening to you. You are still a ray of sunshine through all of this trauma. Fingers crossed that they will find nothing more 😇😇😘😘x

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    1. Hey Pammy I really hope this will give me the information I need. I just want to move on either way…I got things I want to do, places I want to see, I want to be with my boy. Love you loads and thanks for being there unconditionally for me ❤ XX


  2. Babe! You Rock! 🙂

    Let the journey begin and let us tackle this thing together …. with all these arms around you, the journey will be a little smoother for you 🙂

    Keep the sense of humor up as it is the best and most amazing medicine ever!

    Love you loads babe xxxxxx
    Yours forever KJ

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    1. KJ how I wish we were closer I miss that smile and laughter of yours you need to post more pics! I know I have soo much support and it does make all the difference. Love you heaps X Mark


      1. I will see you the last week of April, 2018!!! Then we can laugh and smile to our hearts content … and take loads of ‘selfies’ LOL!

        Should I win Lotto in the meantime! I will see you sooner!!!!!!!

        HUGE HUGS and LOADS of LOVE

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